Day 38 – 316 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

It finally happened, the scale moved up 3 Pounds today!

Woke up feeling bloated just as I was feeling last night. I am scared to get on the scale this morning and see the results, I know that it is not going to be good. I am certain the sodium in the breads I consumed yesterday will impact the result. I have no choice, I must go upstairs and step on that scale and see for myself. I knew it, it is displaying 316 and that means I am up 3 pounds overnight. My first gain and it is crushing, however it will be short lived.

No breakfast, how could I even think about food. That is wrong, I must continue with a new day and fuel up accordingly and commence my day in a positive manner. I head to the table and find myself wondering around, I am not hungry which is all in my head. I must have breakfast and fuel up, if I can’t eat it I should at least have fruit. In the end, a plate of fruit was all that I could muster. I will likely be hungry before lunch so I am taking bananas in my bag to be prepared.

Cardio is feeling good, my body is in motion and things are starting to come back together. My mind is no longer thinking about the weight gain, it is working towards getting things back on track. One bad day does not mean that everything has to stop, you must continue forward and learn from your mistakes.

Lunch time is here and I am feeling pretty good. I was hungry after cardio as I suspected I would be, I had two bananas in my bag and now it is time to fuel up again. Lots of new faces here today and after last weeks small attendance the place is humming with people.

I just had a Skype call with my family, they are still in Hawaii and today they are all inside as it pours rain on the Island. I sense a bit of cabin fever is setting in, not much to do on the beach when it is raining.

I did not make it back to the gym this afternoon, I wanted to run over to Coral Gables and visit the Barnes and Noble store. Linda has been asking me to pick her up a Sudoku book and I am looking for some books to read for myself. The Miracle Mile is packed with shoppers and finding parking is impossible.

Sandy had mentioned to me that another great mall was in the area a few weeks back. Merrick Park is just around the corner and I find myself driving over to see what they have. It is an outdoor mall, rather good shops and I am happy that I have found another destination to visit. Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus and many other shops just waiting to be explored and with my smaller size in mind its time to check out the stores.

I did well for myself this afternoon, my credit card however is still steaming and is certainly glad that I left the mall. I acquired some new clothing and for the first time it was not just activewear but more formal choices. I did my best not to over do anything as I have every intent of dropping more sizes but it was just so much fun trying stuff on and have it fit me right from the rack.

Back to Pritikin with loads of shopping bags and again more closet adjustments. Off to dinner all dressed up in my new clothes and feeling great. With all the new people in attendance it is hard to find a table, this makes it very different from last week. I must push myself to step up and join a random table and make the best of it.

Dinner ended up being rather fun, new people all talking about the same things the newbies talk about each week. It is funny to hear people commenting on how the food has no salt or how they had blood pressure medicine taking away. It is just another repeat of the prior of weeks over again and I am getting to experience it all over again.