Day 37 – 313 Pounds

The scale is the same as yesterday, I was looking forward to another loss as the past week has been amazing but not today.

It’s Saturday, I did not have the greatest sleep and the sciatic pain is back yet again. Not sure why but one day the pain is tolerable and the next it is not.

Drove over to Starbucks for breakfast, I know it was a bad choice but I did it again. Toasted bagel with cream cheese and a hot coffee were in order. I enjoyed sitting outside on the patio and watching the weekend shoppers come and go. I know that I need to stop coming here and I must find a new comfort zone with regard to getting out and being part of everyday regular life rather than in the Pritikin bubble.

Continued onwards to Dolphin Mall, to pick up another pair of new release Nike Airmax runners. The reflective design is awesome, I am looking forward to the next couple of release dates, each one seems to get better and the fit is perfect.

My plan is to make my way over to the beach for the afternoon and in preparation for doing that I need to stop somewhere and find a takeout lunch. I am making a semi smart decision and stop at Subway, selecting a whole grain bread with turkey and loading it with fresh vegetables. My perception of this takeout meal is that it is the healthiest choice that I can make for a fast food stop. I could go back to Pritikin and have James whip me up another salad to go but today I am going to stick with Subway. The only concern I have is with regard the sodium content of the bread and processed turkey. The vegetables are all good and I only use mustard which is acceptable.

Traffic is really bad over the MacArthur Causeway to Miami Beach and I am moving at turtle speed. The only good thing about the traffic is that I am enjoying my music and the top is down with sun feeling pretty good on my face. Well over an hour to make the 20 minute journey, but finally I have made it to the beach. Once again, I have set my chair up just outside of Canyon Ranch building in North Beach.

Jonah came down from his condo, he is hanging out with me for a couple of hours. He has a camel back which he fills with ice water, it is perfect for the beach and I must get one for next time so I can also have chilled beverages at the beach. It is great having someone with you at the beach, it enables you to go into the water or walk around without having to take all your belongings with you. Behind me a man who I am thinking is homeless as I have seeing him before in the same spot it standing in the sand pretending to talk on his cell phone. The water is cool but only because my skin is so hot from the sun, it is very refreshing but the thoughts of what is in the water with me is on my mind. I am thinking how great it would be if I was sitting with full beach service like the guests at Canyon Ranch are enjoying. Things are looking pretty sweet over there with guests ordering drinks and food, not to mention the plush beach chairs and umbrellas.

Dinner this evening at Pritikin is not that appealing, it is Saturday night. Rather than choosing to stay at Pritikin, I make another sudden decision and find my way over to the Doral Raw Bar for some seafood. Not the best choice as my breakfast and lunch today were not the best of choices, but overall I just want to get out again and be away from the regular.

I did pretty well with a controlled dinner, I was completely aware of my less than perfect choices today and stuck to my guns. I ordered Gulf Shrimp and a large Salad Bowl. I was sitting alone at the bar when I noticed a guy from Pritikin walk in the bar. He noticed me sitting at the bar and came over to join me. Warren is rather quiet and he loves to eat as much as he does to complain and I love it. He is very factual and makes his point very clear, but when it comes to eating he is the Master. His demeanour is the classic example of a man who gets what he wants and tonight the Alaska King Crab Legs are flying. I kept myself in control with only ordering more Shrimp unlike last week when I went off the deep end in the same room.

The night is over, I am thinking that today was a great day however I didn’t exercise and my  food choices were not perfect. I am betting the scale is going to show an increase tomorrow, that has me kind of disappointed but the Sodium from the bagel and the Subway bread are going to be felt. I can feel it, I am bloated and my mouth is dry from the Salt.

I am hoping I am wrong, but I don’t think so.