Day 36 – 313 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 30 Lengths
Weights – 60 Minutes

Yet another loss this morning and another pound is gone!

Another great day ahead, especially this morning as I have very little sciatic pain and my hip feels loose. I am ready for breakfast and the start of what looks like an epic day.

As usual, breakfast of champions is being served and I am having the oatmeal and berries once again. This morning I have picked up The Wall Street Journal, it has been almost a month since I last read the Newspaper and to be truthful I don’t miss it at all.

Morning vitals are recorded, 78 BPM and blood pressure of 114/70 and I am ready for some cardio but I forgot my heart rate monitor in the villa. I have been recording all my activity, time, distance, resistance, and vitals for each session’s future review. Today I will not be recording my progress as I am not going back to get the Polar strap and watch.

My morning ritual of going to Starbucks still remains an issue. I am not sure why I keep going, it just feels like a habit of which needs to be broken as it surely does not define a clear example of clean healthy choices. Then again, I have been doing very well with my weight loss to date and perhaps these visits to Starbucks are helping me, tricking my metabolism into working overtime. Maybe, I should propose to Starbucks that I do a commercial for them on how to lose weight with Starbucks!

Lunch time is here again, I said before that it seems like all I do here is eat and exercise. Before lunch today I will swim, I am anxious to try a modification to my butterfly stroke that I viewed online at You Tube. I must get my swim form perfected in order to get the propulsion I need to get my body up and out of the water. Let me tell you, it is not going well and swimming lessons are required.

For lunch today, I am loading up on chopped salad and fresh fruit. I have ordered a bottle of carbonated water with flavour as an alternative to still water. The flavour of the day is strawberry and without question, this water tastes like the dentist office fluoride treatment. I can’t imagine how anyone would like this, it is awful.

Weight lifting is replacing my afternoon cardio today as I am off my schedule with the attempt on learning how to swim. Scott has decided that we will be doing superset’s today, I am looking forward to it.  I can feel that I am getting stronger, my arms are starting to pop in the triceps and my veins are bulging in my forearms. I am excited to see this happening, it proves to me that weight lifting is only highlighted with proper diet. I had done previous body building with poor diet and never saw results, primarily, because of my poor eating habits.

I am starting to look forward to breaking 300 pounds. I don’t recall when I was last below that weight, when the scale shows me a 299 it will be a momentous moment. It is a fantastic feeling to have that goal now, it is within reach and I am realizing that just getting started is half the battle.

The afternoon is free of any activity, time for rest or perhaps a shopping excursion before dinner. I find myself at the Nike store yet again, I am looking for something new and exciting and of course everything I look at now fits, so everything is new and exciting. I have bought more clothing and am anxious to get back to place it in my inventory for tomorrows selection.

For dinner this evening, I am changing it up and ordering a Veggie Burger. The bun is not that great, I think it is the same ingredients from the morning bread which I categorize as cardboard at best. The burger itself is interesting, not my favourite with a very unique taste but when dressed with lettuce, tomato and onion you can’t really taste it. I am thrilled to sit this evening with Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm, he has some really funny material and certainly kept the table rolling with laughter.

I ended the night in a pretty good mood, both the dinner conversation and the new clothes have me smiling. I considered only for a brief moment to drive over to the strip mall and visit  Yogurt Land for a frozen treat but I stayed strong and remained with a clean end to my day.