Day 35 – 314 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Another loss today, one more pound and I am elated!

Amazing day, woke up early and ready for breakfast. Today’s selection of Oatmeal contains bananas and fresh fruit.

Full out cardio session this morning with interval training and lots of perspiration while getting things done in a big way on the ARC trainer.

Everyday I take the same route to the gym through the lobby and for the past few days the Doral staff have been complimenting me on my progress. They don’t know me at all, I never really say much to any of them. Each time I pass the front desk, the clerks keep telling me that I am looking good. The Valet that stands at this desk between the lobby and gym entrance door keeps saying that I am getting skinny, I am far from skinny but the compliment goes a long way and is appreciated.

My XXL shirts are starting to fit comfortably, I am looking forward to seeing my body measurements this week to see my progress. I am wearing a pair of shorts that I bought three years ago from Lululemon, they were to small then but I really liked them and thought one day I will get to wear them and today is that day.

Lunch today is rather simple, fresh-cut vegetables with lo-fat cottage cheese and sour cream. I call this the farmers salad, it is very filling and provides me loads of energy of which I need for this afternoons cardio and weight session which I believe is going to be epic.

Gym time is here, another round of cardio on the ARC trainer and my last episode of Spartacus. A great series, loved watching it and now that it is going to end I am seeking something to replace it. Not sure what will have as much impact as Spartacus but the search has commenced for something to keep me occupied during my afternoon cardio sessions.

Weights today with Scott are heavy, we focus all on the upper body and move mountains of dumbbells before he decides to finish me off with core exercises. The ropes are intense, my heart rate is peaking in the upper 160’s with each burst and the recovery time is short before hitting the same routine over and over.

The balance of the afternoon is rather free of anything other than recovery at the pool. It is warm and humid and the pool is looking so refreshing. I can’t wait to jump in and soak it all up. I noticed that my legs are becoming very muscular and decided that a leg selfie was in order as posted in today’s feature image.

Dinner this evening is simple again, I seem to have fallen for the Salmon and order it again with Aldo’s yogurt dill sauce broccoli and sweet potato. I am thinking that breakfast is the same every day, my dinner could be the same everyday, I just need to figure out lunch and I am set. How long would it take to overdose on the same foods everyday I am wondering.

It is time to hit some lectures in the days ahead, I am getting to ahead of myself and need more knowledge on nutrition and the mind control over my food addition. I will make a real effort to take in the classes and move things to the next level.