Day 34 – 315 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 15 Lengths

Another day another pound,  my body feels good and seems to be melting away on its own. I don’t feel like I have been exercising enough over the past days but the scale seems to think I am doing something right.

Morning breakfast of oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon and freshly sliced fruit fuels me up for my cardio session which is long over due.

Vitals are recorded, 80 BPM and blood pressure of 116/74 and once again I am impressed with the readings and am convinced I will never need to take blood pressure medicine again.

ARC trainer is waiting for me and I am feeling a bit rusty in my stride for the first few minutes. I get things rolling and am complete a solid 60 minute session.

Still feeling ready for more exercise and with my laziness yesterday my thoughts are that the lap pool would be a good morning finish workout. I take to the pool and manage 15 lengths and I am proud to say that my butterfly stroke is improving and I managed to make it from one end to the other without swallowing any water. I am certain it was not the best stroke but the effort was olympic.

Lunch today was interesting and looked very appetizing. The pasta was excellent along with sliced tomato. I am not one to have this type of entrée meal for lunch but more so for dinner, it just doesn’t seem correct at lunch. It was good and the meal fully satisfied me and left me charged for an active afternoon.

The sky is cloudy today, no pool time however a walk over to the Doral Clubhouse found me at the golf range. I have my golf clubs from home with me, I figured I would hit some balls. The idea was great, however the sciatica and stiff hip were not of the same opinion and made the effort impossible to actually achieve any type of swing pattern.

With golf not possible, the sky filled with clouds the only other option is to either go for a ride or make great use of the Spa. I checked in for a manicure and pedicure and took my seat. Sandra has been doing these services for me, she is full of smiles and loves to hear what is going on with the gang at Pritikin and how my progress is going.

All groomed up and nowhere to go and still a few hours until the dinner hour. I suppose a trip to Sports Authority would be in order or Dolphin Mall. I end up doing both and without doubt acquire more activewear and running shoes. The closet is getting full and I continue to replace the larger clothing with smaller.

I now have three large duffel bags filled with old clothes, Sandy will be impressed with the next batch he receives. I have now discarded all my jeans, sweaters and long sleeve shirts. It is sad in many ways to see all this stuff go, Robert Graham shirts by the dozen will all find a new home.

Dinner this evening is rather quiet. Christmas is here and the attendance is minimal with big anticipation of the New Years guests arriving with resolutions for the New Year ahead. I end up sitting alone and order Salmon with Aldo’s yogurt dill sauce, broccoli and sweet potato. Aldo is keeping me company along with Marcus, it is like I am royalty as they have no other guests to serve.

Looking forward to tomorrow yet again, the scale has been performing so well I am now concerned with how I will react when it does not go down on my next weigh-in.