Day 30 – 321 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Another day and another pound lost!

Woke up early again, 6:30AM and I am ready to roll, albeit I am completely stuffed from last nights debauchery. I had the worst sleep, it felt like I was sleeping on a mountain and the tossing and turning was out of control. My mouth is dry and I am thirsty, without question my sodium intake last night had to have been enormous.

It’s now 8:00 AM and I am still rolling around with a food hangover. I have taught myself another lesson on eating, that is about the only positive thing about last nights poor choices. The company was great, we all had a great time but was it really worth how I am feeling right now?

I am missing breakfast, the thought of food or the need to fuel up is not even a consideration right now. I need to get in some exercise and re think todays outing with the guys to Ben’s Deli in Boca. I just don’t see myself going but cancelling is not really an option as I don’t want to be rude. I will go, the choices I make will be as healthy as one can make at a kosher deli.

I jump on the scale, it shows me down another pound. I am in shock as I was fully prepared to see it a tad higher, not sure how I lost anything but it gives me some assurance that the day is not a disaster after all.

Cardio is in order, no vitals this morning just right onto the ARC trainer for 60 minutes of cleansing. I am perspiring and working hard, every stride is in remembrance of last night.

We are on our way to Ben’s Deli, I am driving with Linda, Sandy and the others are in his car. My thoughts are of only making good choices once we arrive, not sure what I will be able to order after all this is a Deli.

We arrive and meet everyone inside,  it’s a large group, friend of friends both from Pritikin and others that live nearby. Sandy introduces us all to everyone and we take seats and before I know it the table is filled with latkes, sour cream and apple sauce.  I am being very careful not to over do it, tasting only with every intent of not filling up my plate. Its time to order, I am lost and not sure what to do. I order a brisket sandwich on rye with coleslaw. Everyone is talking and having a good time, I am in another world trying to figure out what I am doing here. The thoughts of last night and again today are racing through my head, it’s all wrong.

The food arrives, mountains of food and I can’t look at it. I am picking at the sandwich, having some of the brisket, moving most of it off the bread and eating with guilt. I consume only one slice of rye with some brisket and leave the rest, I just can’t do it.

Driving back to Pritikins, we stop off at Rochester Big and Tall, I don’t need anything however I have to stop and see what they have as this is one of the only stores I could buy clothes before dropping a few sizes. Sandy and I go in and try on some shirts, I reference the two of us as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito in Twins.

On our way back to Pritikin for dinner, amazing the whole day is about food. I am thinking about this on the freeway and conclude that after all, the day’s food intake was not the healthiest but it could have been much worse. I am fully consumed with thinking about it, this is good as I feel that I am learning and am very aware which means I am beating this addiction.

Dinner hour is upon us all, we take to the tables and start-up another great evening of laughter and enjoyment. I am only ordering a fruit salad, a large plate of sliced fruit, I am not hungry and that means I do not need to fuel up.

All new people here tonight, change over day and as that happens each week everything changes. This worries me as I am not sure how I will handle it when Sandy leaves and I am back to being all alone.