Day 29 – 322 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes

Its 6:30AM and I am up and ready to go up for breakfast, somewhat stiff this morning but it is manageable.

Solid breakfast once again, oatmeal with berries and an abundance of assorted fruits. I am starting to realize that this breakfast is more than adequate for morning fuel and it lasts hours which means I am not hungry and if I am not hungry I am not eating. That sure is simple!

Morning vitals are 74 BPM and blood pressure 116/75 and without delay I am punching out 60 minutes on the ARC trainer and feeling great. Finished up my morning cardio and feel the need to get out and decide to take a drive.

I am heading out of the parking lot and driving down 87th just about to pass the McDonald’s and for some reason found myself signalling to turn in. In the drive thru line waiting and thinking why I am here, this is not on my agenda and I am not hungry. I find myself at the order stand and ask if they are serving breakfast, but they were not serving it. Perhaps a message from above once again, I drive off and am thankful I did not make a bad decision. I start thinking about this morning breakfast and how it filled me up and made me feel satisfied. Why I would even consider stopping for more food and not only more food a horrific choice such as McDonald’s?

I am convinced that the stop at McDonald’s was only a flash back to a bad habit. I saw the sign which triggered me to pull in, I had no planned destination so I was aimlessly driving and the two together coerced me to do it. The food addition is still strong but I am fighting it every day with proper choices and continued learning.

Its Friday, wondering what everyone is doing in Hawaii. With the time change I still have to wait before I can Skype them. I continue onwards North along the Turnpike and find myself in search of a Nike Outlet store. I have a GPS that is providing me instructions on where to go, I am driving and listening intently on not missing the turn off. I find myself at Sawgrass, the Outlet Mall is gigantic. Looking for a good place to park, I find a stall at the back right beside the door to Nike.

Nike, Nike and more Nike, I am loading up on more shirts, shorts and everything else they have in my size. This is great, I have never been able to do this and now it is all at my disposal and I am taking complete advantage of it. With many bags in hand it is time to return, both for lunch and my afternoon Core class with Scott.

Back at Pritikin, Sandy greats me at the front Valet stand and is shaking his head in disbelief. I have ten large bags filled with clothes and require assistance from the Bellman to unload the car trunk. I send the bags down to the villa and head for lunch.

Lunch today is rather quick, I am late from my road trip and am pushing time to make my class with Scott. To expedite things quickly I grab a large fruit bowl and cover it with cottage cheese and head to the outdoor table to fuel up in record time.

Core class, not my favourite thing, my mid section is burning and I have only just started todays program. Planks, Push Ups and Sit Ups and all these other insanely difficult exercises, time is moving so slow. I am struggling, my core is burning and the only way to get it stronger is to do the exercises, so with great motivation I continue to push forward. Not to make it any easier, the peanut gallery of Sandy and Rick whom are standing on the other side of the room throwing mind bombs at me as I try to do my best with each task.

Glad that class is over, I am feeling the core crunch as if someone has stabbed me in the stomach. Scott assures me that this is a good feeling to have and each day I continue working at it the better the reward will be.

Skype time with my family in Hawaii, they are just getting ready to head down to the beach for the day. I can visualize what it will be like and really want to join them but it is not possible so the best I can do is enjoy our conversation and continue on with my  journey.

The plan for this evening is to miss the Pritikin dinner and walk over to the main hotel and have dinner at the Doral Raw Bar for some Seafood. I am not feeling overly guilty about the choice, it will be fun and how can you go wrong eating fish and being with the guys.

I arrive at the  Raw Bar only to be welcomed by Sandy and Rick who have already arrived before me. Upon my disbelief Sandy has ordered a massive seafood platter of epic proportions, built up with colossal shrimp and enormous crab legs. The boys know how to do things, I have never seen a sea food platter this big. The Crab legs are long and filled with meat, Sandy is extracting them with precision and the discarded shells are piled high.

I take to the Shrimp, I am not a fan of Crab legs or the digging that is required to eat them. The Shrimp are awesome but I need something else to go with them. I go off the deep end and order a Caesar Salad topped with grilled chicken. I know the fat content is high, but it is only a salad I keep telling myself. The salad is small, I was expecting something much bigger and find myself still hungry. I need something else, I tell the guys. Behind me the Seafood bar is stacked high but I don’t want anymore seafood, I need something of substance. It must be the atmosphere and my addiction as I find myself ordering a Pizza bread which I see the waitress carrying to another table. It doesn’t end, Chocolate cake is in order, why not and then espresso’s with double Bailey’s and then its all over.

I feel so gross, I am so full and I can feel my entire body pulsating with sickness. I ate with  my eyes, I did not practice anything I have learned. I let it all go and exploded with food enthusiasm.

What the hell happened!