Day 28 – 322 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes

Good morning Miami and good morning Mr. Scale who is suggesting another 3 pound loss.

Up early and ready to go but my sciatica is back and my hip is stiff. I am moving in slow motion and the walk down the hallway is slow.

Sitting at the breakfast table, James has brought me an ice pack of which is of little relief but it feels good. Oatmeal, berries and a side plate of mixed fruit are once again in front of me and I am struggling to stay seated as the throbbing continues down my leg. I have made it through breakfast but it was with great effort to stay sitting.

Standing on one leg in the gym waiting to have my vitals recorded, lots of people are waiting, only seems to be one person administering this morning so I hobble over to the scale and jump on. To my surprise it flashes a brilliant 322 pounds and I am liking what I see. I jump off and jump back on again, just wanted to see it again. I am down 24 pounds in 28 days, this is amazing.

My vitals are recorded, 78 BPM and blood pressure of 118/76 and I am ready to proceed with cardio however the sciatica is making me think twice about what to do. I head over to the stretching area, laying on the table and about to commence some different stretch exercises. I find that if I twist and turn and bend myself in all different locations I can sometimes loosen myself up.

After a few stretches I help myself up off the table and make my way to the ARC trainer. A very slow 60 minute session, more or less just a constant stride of walking without any real exertion.

The workout was not very productive, I am going to make my way over to the pool and set up a lounge chair and try to stretch out in the sun. Just about to lay down and an email arrives from Metro PCS with notification that my Blackberry has just been delivered to the front desk. I am excited to set it up so I get up and hobble back to the front desk and retrieve the package.

Most of the day has passed, I missed lunch as I was busy setting up the telephone and cleaning out my closet in preparation to make more room for this weekends shopping blitz. I have packed up most of my 4XL clothes and am going to give the first bag to Sandy. Inside it is loaded with Polo shirts and various pieces that I no longer require most of which have never been worn.

Getting ready for dinner thinking that I am really hungry, missing lunch was not a good idea and now with being so hungry I am in a panic to eat. Tonight is Bison night which is one of the best meals.

Sitting at the eight top, that is the name Sandy has given to the table as it contains eight chairs and anxiously await for the table to fill up so we can order. As usual, the commentary for the night is given to Sandy who demonstrates that he is the one to keep the momentum going and away we go with more jokes and pleasantries of the days events. I am so hungry, it feels as if I am shaking and without further delay I start the ordering process. Soup, salad and Bison are all in order and I am only thinking about eating while everyone is still talking.

Food arrived, for some reason the Bison is not all that great tonight. Sandy describes it as already processed, Bill suggests that every week they rotate the cut of Bison and this week we are having the inferior cut. In any case, good or bad I need fuel and make the best of it.

Desert time arrives, you have three choices of the evening selection which one includes a Soy based chocolate pudding. It comes with a raspberry on the top of which Sandy explains is pudding with a nipple on top.

Plans are being made for this weekend with the guys. Sandy is suggesting that we drive to Boca for lunch at Ben’s Deli which is a New York based kosher deli. That sounds like fun to me, I have not been to Ben’s since I was last in NYC. A food event and I am excited – ADDICTION!