Day 27 – 325 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

I must have had a great sleep, not a single wrinkle in the sheets and the pillows are looking like the bed was just made.

Looking forward to breakfast this morning, hoping Sandy will be at the table for some morning fun. I arrive but he is not here so I have my breakfast as usual and head to the gym.

Morning vitals are reordered at 74 BPM and blood pressure of 122/82, slightly higher than the past few days but still very acceptable. I commence my morning cardio, I am working today on intervals and am pushing my limits for three minutes and resting for one minute then moving to four minutes with one minute recovery. I manage to make it through the entire session rotating with high intensity intervals. I am feeling out of energy and ready for some fruit. I am sitting in a chair watching the second cardio class when Rick suggests that I get up and work out again. I decline the invitation, I am headed out for a coffee to Starbucks and then to run some errands.m

I am Starbucks, the line up is out the door and the decision to wait or just continue comes to mind. I figure that if I have a coffee, I will most likely order a bagel, so rather than making the poor choice I continue on. I am headed over to Metro PCS for an American cell telephone. The current roaming rates for cellular coverage is rather expensive, I am going to be in Miami for some time, so rather than waste funds on roaming charges, I decide that having an American phone will be best. Sadly on my arrival they tell me they do not have any Blackberry units left in stock.

I return to Pritikin in time for lunch, sitting at the table again waiting for the guys to show up but no one is around. I was looking forward to having another comical lunch. It turns out the morning lecture was running late and I am going to be solo today or will have to wait. Not before long everyone shows up and all are ready for  lunch.  Sandy is introducing me to more people, it appears Sandy knows everyone here. Lunch conversation today is of the days when prohibition was in place and Seagram’s.

I am doing my best to not let lunch run as long as it did yesterday. I need to get back into the gym for my afternoon cardio. I want to get another interval session in before this afternoons aqua class which promises to be interesting with all the guys.

Sure enough I finish up the afternoon cardio session with just minutes to spare to get down to the pool for the aqua class. I have to say todays class with Sandy was no workout at all. We all participated in the class, but the water jokes were flying so fast and furious the only thing that got exercise were my cheeks. It was 45 minutes of some serious comical activity.

Hanging out on the pool deck this afternoon, still laughing and enjoying the conversations between all the guys. It is amazing how things have changed from last week, all of the sudden I am completely overtaken by the gift of socializing and the day is flying past me.

Back to the room in preparation for tonights dinner which promises to be the big event. Surely it is going to be more non stop comedy and just a good time. I am ready, making my way up for dinner and the elevator just stops, it is stuck. What am I to do, no cellular coverage and no one seems to be hearing the alarm bell I keep pushing. After a few minutes, the elevator is moving again and the door opens. That was not fun, I am not afraid of elevators however being stuck in one is not fun. From now on the stairs are in order for me.

Dinner is served, soup and salad followed by scallops and lots of vegetables which are cooked to perfection. The jokes are flying, the stories are coming forward one after another and before I know it, again it has been three hours and we are still going strong. If we spend two hours at the table for lunch and three or four at dinner, the math suggests I am sitting for 5 or 6 hours at the table. That just doesn’t makes sense but how can you not do it, it is just so much fun.

We are done dinner, I stand up and suggest it is time to retire for the evening. Not that I want to go back to the room, I just can’t sit any longer and its time to move on. I am hoping that tonights sleep is as great as last nights, my cheeks are tired from all the laughter.

There is nothing like a good healthy day and a great sleep.