Day 26 – 325 Pounds

Cardio – 45 Minutes
Water Aerobics – 45 Minutes
Cardio – 45 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Today is yet another day in my journey and other than missing my family, I continue to push forward.

Breakfast this morning is as usual, James and Doreth are so happy to see me each morning, the smiles and the encouragement they provide is priceless. Oatmeal topped with mixed berries, watermelon, pineapple and a banana are the primary choices along with two bottles of icy cold water.

Pre exercise vitals are recorded at 70 BPM and blood pressure of 116/74. I have been off my blood pressure medication for three plus weeks and have yet to see any readings of high blood pressure.

Ready to start up the morning exercise program on the ARC trainer however someone has placed a fan on the floor directly in front of the ARC. It is circulating air  and blowing cold air in my face which is really making me angry. Beside me on the treadmill, a gentleman walking and enjoying the fan. It feels like I am working out in the Arctic Circle each time the fan rotates past me and it is ruining my workout. I push through, the misery of cold air blowing in my face, I finish a shortened session and am now cranky.

I leave the gym with a chip on my shoulder and make my way to the morning aqua class. I figure a dip in the pool and some morning sunshine will do me good. Todays class is being taught by Luis, he doesn’t get in the water with the group, he is teaching the class from the deck of the pool. I follow along and start to get my heart rate up, I am making waves and working hard. Luis is grinding all of us with abdominal moves that are burning my mid section, this is feeling good and I am starting to like it.

Leaving the pool after drying off in the sun to make my way inside for lunch. I am introduced to Sandy from Winnipeg, Canada. He was the guy on the treadmill this morning with the fan that ruined my cardio session. Sitting at the table enjoying lunch, Sandy is cracking jokes non stop, he is without doubt the funniest person I have ever met in my life. Two hours later we are still at the lunch table and it just doesn’t stop. My cheeks are sore from smiling and my abs are either sore from the aqua class or from laughing so hard.

I have never spent so long at the lunch table, it is time to get back to the gym and hopefully get a good workout completed before hitting the weight room.

I was going to miss dinner and go to The Cheese Cake Factory. Not sure what I am thinking, I just want to go out for dinner but I force myself to stay. It is strange, I feel like I am punishing myself staying and eating healthy. What is wrong with me, why is it that food is so controlling, after all it is just food.

I make my way to the dinning room and sit down at a table by myself and start looking at the choices for tonight. I am being invited to sit at another table with Sandy and some of his friends. Rick is asking me to join them but I decline the invitation, I just don’t feel comfortable, perhaps just being shy. He insists that I join them, rather than making a bigger scene I pick up and move tables. I am introduced to all the people at the table. Dinner ended up being four hours long, it was the best time you could imagine. Sandy is the life of the party, he has given me a completely new dimension to being here in less than a day and I am actually excited to see him tomorrow.