Diet Day 23 – 328 Pounds

It is 8:00 AM, I am having a bad morning which is a surprise to me after such good news yesterday.

My wife and children are leaving for Hawaii today, this day every year in the past has always been so exciting for me. Leaving for Hawaii for a few weeks with the family for the holidays is without doubt the best holiday you can ask for. Thoughts of joining them are still rolling through my head, but I must remain here and follow through on my journey. It will without doubt be a difficult time for me however I am on a life changing journey and must stick to my plans and continue to work hard on achieving my goals.

It is Saturday and I am not sure what to do today. I am taking the day off for rest and recovery so no exercise is planned. I want to leave the resort rather than stay here, I spent so much time at the pool last week it just doesn’t appeal to me to do the same thing today. Perhaps I will drive to Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale and check out the area.

I end up in the car with no defined itinerary other than stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. I put the top down and start driving towards Miami Beach, driving along  Collins Avenue where mega yachts are docked out front of massive homes, all too much to take in and keep my attention on the road. I am making my way up the coastline along the A1A with no planned final destination, just taking in the scenery.

I have arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, being it is the weekend the beaches are filled with people and the streets are lined with tourists. I am seeing the damage caused by the last hurricane, the roadway is under construction from being washed out and the debris is piled high awaiting removal. It must be amazing to see these storms hit, the buildings are so close to the water’s edge, the surge must encompass them completely. On the other hand, what a great location for all of these bar patios, they are packed with life and loud music.

I continue on my way North to meet up with my Mom and sister who are in Palm Beach for the day. I find a parking stall and stroll along Worth Avenue in complete disbelief in how pristine everything looks. The buildings and foliage give the street the appearance of a movie set. We take in lunch on the patio of a very old hotel, the lunch offerings are all extreme in the way of not being healthy and I request the waiter to have the kitchen prepare for me an egg white omelette with vegetables, not to be fried in butter or oil and no seasoning including no salt. In disbelief the waiter hesitates with my request and then proceeds to shake his head as he makes his way from the table.

Lunch did arrive rather quickly, the omelette was prepared just as I had ordered it and ended up being rather good. The basket of warm breads which accompanied the eggs smelled out of this world but I was diligent in keeping myself from taking any. My thoughts were that I need to continue practicing eating meals out and those meals need to be of healthy clean choices. Without saying my eyes and nose were of a complete different opinion, I was however holding out and being true to myself.

My children just called me, they are in Seattle awaiting the connecting flight to Honolulu. They are well on the way and my thoughts are very much with them. They will not arrive in Honolulu until 345AM EST and I plan on checking up on them as they fly over the Pacific Ocean on my flight tracker.

I say my goodbyes to my Mom and Sister and start the long journey back to Pritikins. Saturday night is upon me and I am feeling rather lonely and my thoughts remain with my family. The freeway is jammed, traffic is moving slowly and time is standing still.

I make it back to Pritikins in time for dinner but don’t feel like attending the dining room. I am thinking what would be best to do this evening and decide on perhaps a movie. In the end, I changed my mind and stayed at Pritikin and had dinner with the few people who remained for a two-week stay. New guests will again arrive tomorrow and once again with Christmas very close, the attendance is expected to be minimal.

This evening at dinner, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman who is a returning guest from the Florida area. He frequents Pritikins often and seems to have complete control over the dining room. He is telling me all about the past history and famous guests that he has had the privilege of meeting both at the facility and the prior Pritikin facility in Aventura. As we continue speaking, he advises me that a group of people who I may know are going to be attending in the next week or so and that I should be prepared for the time of my life.

For the balance of the evening we remained at the table talking and hearing stories of the past celebrity events at Pritikin, some of which were very amusing and extremely funny. The story of Buddy Hackett ordering pizza for the entire Pritikin attendance true or not was most amazing.

Early night for me being a Saturday but it was a long day and I am ready for an easy evening.