Diet Day 22 – 328 Pounds

Cardio –  60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

The scale has moved down another three pounds!

Woke up early this morning and made my way to breakfast with lots of extra time before the morning A-1 class is scheduled to start. The sciatic pain has been decreasing over the past couple of days which is good. Perhaps the exercises that Frank prescribed along with all the stretching is working. The discomfort is still very present but it seems to be more manageable.

Today, the day I have been anxiously awaiting is here. I am more than ready to get the  results from the thyroid biopsy. This is the likely why I am up so early and why I am so anxious to get the day started. When will they call?

Morning cardio starts with vitals once again, 78 BPM and blood pressure of 110/70. I was tempted to ride the spin bike once again but the thought of that tiny seat forced me back to the ARC trainer for yet another session. I indeed reached my target heart rate in no time, actually exceeded that target and found myself at 166 BPM just before Ivan comes over and instructs me to slow down and bring my heart rate back into range.

Still waiting for the phone call and now contemplating if I should phone the Doctor’s office rather than waiting. I decide that it is best to wait, if the call doesn’t come this morning I will call this afternoon.

I take to the pool deck for some rest and relaxation yet again. I just can’t sit still waiting for that call, I am pacing back and forth finding myself walking the golf course pathway.

Lunch is being served, I am still sitting at the pool checking my phone every few seconds to see if a missed call shows up on the display. I decide to make my way in for lunch and if no call has been received by the time I finish lunch, I will phone the Doctor’s office.

Without surprise it is just after 1:00 PM and still no call. I can’t wait any longer and have to take control, I dial the number and sure enough have been placed on hold. Finally after ten minutes the receptionist picks up and I introduce myself and request to speak to the Doctor for my test results. I am told that the Doctor is with a patient and if I leave my number she will have Dr. Acosta call me back this afternoon. I am not wanting to hear that, I want to know what the results and until I hear them I just can’t relax. I am thinking that as soon as the results arrive at the office, the Doctor would be obligated to call me and discuss same. I leave the message, the waiting continues.

I make my way to the gym, my phone is glued to my hand and I am not leaving it for a second. I commence my afternoon cardio session with my phone propped up on the display of the ARC trainer. I am not really getting a great workout, I just keep looking at the phone display. Sixty minutes pass, still no call and I have not broken a sweat as I am more focused on the phone than the workout.

I call again and without surprise I am on hold, this time only for a minutes. I am very polite and start the conversation off casually before asking for the Doctor. I am told the Doctor is still with patients and that my message has been received and the Doctor will call me back today.

I am missing todays weight lifting session, just can’t be without the phone and can’t concentrate. The entire day has passed and I am so frustrated with waiting, it is unbearable but I have no control over the situation and can only wait. Perhaps I should drive over to the Doctor’s office, perhaps I should call again. I end up just staying put and waiting and waiting.

It is now 3:45 PM, the phone rings, it is the Doctors number on the display and I am so nervous. Dr. Acosta calling, sorry it has taken so long, today has been remarkably busy. I want to confirm with you that your test results are BENINE! I am overly  excited to hear the news. Not so sure how to describe my feelings in words, it was just a simple moment of release and joy, it was over and I am good to go!

My Mom arrived just after 5:00 PM, I toured her around the property then drove to Morton’s in Coral Gables for a celebration dinner. I am so relieved with the positive results that I feel like celebrating but celebrating does not mean I have to choose poorly.

Morton’s is the kind of place that one can indulge themselves with a variety of heavy foods. I am taking the opportunity to celebrate in a healthy way. I order the Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Potato and Steamed Broccoli.

In my prior unhealthy days, Morton’s would have been the iconic meal of champions. I would without question have ordered Salad, Shrimp, Steak, Potato and  Vegetables. In the end I would have been stuffed and feeling sick but that is how I rolled.

During dinner, I was thinking about those old days at Morton’s then wondering if what I ordered was going to leave me hungry. It is amazing that my mind is still putting so much thought into food. After dinner was completed, I actually felt completely satisfied. I was not hungry and I was no longer thinking about food.

I proved to myself this evening that you can do things in two ways. I could have celebrated this great day with a massive meal, left Morton’s feeling sick, had an awful sleep on a full stomach or I could be feeling like I am right now, absolutely satisfied and feeling great.

What a great day, all that worrying is over and I proved to myself that eating healthy at Morton’s is possible with complete satisfaction.

A great surprise for me upon my return to the villa tonight, perhaps a message from above. Two turn down chocolates left in error by the Doral housekeeping team!