Diet Day 21 – 331 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Zoomba – 45 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

The scale is not moving down, hmmmm!

I thought I would have slept in today in keeping with the past few days. No such luck, I am up and ready to roll. You have to love Miami mornings, warm and humid and the fresh smell of vegetation or is that clippings from the 18th green, not sure but I am loving it here.

First things first, breakfast of champions is in order. I am in for some hot oatmeal peppered with cinnamon and covered with fresh berries. The pineapple today is sweet and the watermelon is out of this world.

At one of the lectures, the speaker mentioned that after a couple of weeks of clean eating, your taste buds become very sensitive to taste. What I am gathering is that with poor eating you loose the true taste of natural foods. My taste buds seem to have always been working, but now I am really sensing the real flavours in food as the fruit this morning is unbelievable.

Pre exercise vitals are administered once again, 72 BPM and blood pressure is amazing at 114/70. I am assuming that my heart rate is still escalated as I have just finished breakfast and briskly walked into the gym to have my vitals recorded.

This morning I have decided to give the spin bike a try. It is the only one in the gym, all the others are in the studio downstairs but this bike looks rather interesting. The  seat is tiny, how in the world can one sit on it for an hour. The spin of the cycle is very smooth, the air being generated from the spinning wheel is blowing up at me and away I go. When I crank the resistance knob the cadence becomes slower and my legs are pumping hard to keep the momentum. I am liking this ride but the seat is so uncomfortable I can’t continue and need to switch it up.

Back on the ARC trainer, feels like being back at home. I am striding away at maximum capacity working hard and listening to the class instructor give out directions for interval training. I am not going to slow down and speed up, I have this stride going and am feeling like my zone is working just fine. I am on cruise control and the perspiration is flowing, it feels just right. So glad to be back at it after a couple of days of not exercising, it feels good and my head is clear of all those bad thoughts I have been having.

After cardio, I make my way downstairs to participate in the zoomba class. I have never been to this type of class but am willing to give it a try. The instructors name is Maria, she also teaches aqua class once or twice a week and she is right into it. She is dancing and egging the class on, we are all dancing from one side of the room to the other, I am trying not to trip over myself. In the end, not much of a sweat but it sure was fun to rock it out to some very loud Latin folk music.

Lunch, special of the day on my request, grilled chicken wrap loaded with fresh vegetables. As Aldo brings it out of the kitchen to the table, the majority of the guests look twice wondering where this lunch plate was going. I figured that kitchen has all the ingredients to make this so why not order it. The exception to this meal is the chicken, which is from the Step One menu and not recommended, it is animal protein of which is restricted. Regardless, this is just perfect and with the addition of some hot Puka Sauce, this lunch goes down in the books right beside the crispy pizza.

Back in the gym after lunch, time for more cardio. Arc trainer is up along with the next episode of Spartacus. What a show, the violence is out of control, glad I am not a gladiator. Of course, the gladiator physique is to be admired, one day I will get to that but what were those Romans thinking?

Weights with Scott today were a massive blow to my chest. Very pumped up and feeling great with lots of blood flow and pulsating going on. If I am not sore tomorrow morning it will be a miracle.

Cleaning up in the villa this afternoon before dinner, I have three closets with each one set up by size. I am no longer wearing the clothes that are 4X, they feel very tent sized on me hanging down with lots of room, to much room and with that being said they are being packed up in  a duffle bag for storage. Moving over to the 3XL closet and trying some of the shirts on of which they also are feeling big. Perhaps the 2XL is closer to my current size but I won’t discard the 3X just yet.

Showered and ready for dinner, Bison tonight which has become one of my favorite dinners, I am looking forward to getting upstairs. I would have never thought that eating Bison would be as good as it is. Dinner was pretty quite, I sat alone at a table of four but no one joined me, should I feel bad or just not even think about it.

My Mom is on her way to visit me, she just left Dallas and is enroute to Ft. Lauderdale where she will be staying. It should be an interesting weekend, hard to imagine how I will be able to visit and do all the things one would do with a visitor while trying to keep up with my schedule and eating healthy. I will make the best of it and I am sure everything will work out.

That’s all, time for a good nights sleep.