Diet Day 18 – 331 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swimming  – 25 Lengths
Cardio – 60  Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Wow, this morning my hip is not ready to move. It is so sore for the first few hours of each day it makes it impossible to get going. I am however determined to push through it and as usual just ignore the discomfort and make it happen. Down the long hallway I struggle and take each step in pain.

Today is measurement day, I am anxious to see what the results are. I have been stuck at 331 pounds for a few day, likely from my continual expeditions and poor choices. Thinking about it, my decisions on food selection have not been perfect but they have not been terrible. Perhaps the foods I am eating outside of the program are high in sodium content and I am retaining water. What I need to do is learn more about the choices I can make and discover what nutritional value the have.

I am wondering, if I have issues with food selection I make outside the program, how will I manage when I leave Pritikin and am living in the real world? Obviously, I need more time with the nutritionist to learn and grasp the concept of eating healthy with my smart choices.

Breakfast today is my usual, oatmeal topped with various berries, watermelon, pineapple and a grape fruit and two icy cold waters.

Monday morning is always a rush with all the new guests ready to get going. The gym reception area is lined up with people waiting for vitals, looking for files, wondering what to do first. As a seasoned pro, I slip into the file cabinet and grab my file and head directly over to the ARC trainer. I figure that my vitals can be recorded once the line subsides of  the new guests getting registered.  I don’t want to wait and take the chance of losing my ARC trainer to a newbie.

Vitals are recorded this morning, 74 BPM and blood pressure at 115/76 which once again is text-book. I commence along with the morning A-1 class and take it up a notch as I find the class is a bit slow and want to work harder. I insert my headphones and turn the music on and get into the groove.

Morning class ends, I was able to burn 1042 calories in 60 minutes, finally broke that 1000 threshold and am thinking I now need to push for 1100. I take to the lap pool as I am anxious to practice the butterfly stroke. No go – I just can’t find the stroke and each time I try to push up, I sink and swallow pool water. I am looking for a swim instructor, I must learn this stroke and implement into my program and until then I just resume with front crawl.

Todays morning lecture is “planning your eating strategy” or “improve your performance” and I am wondering if I should attend. I bring myself to class, today I have selected “planning your eating strategy.” The lecture is very informative, we are hearing about the Pritikin eating plan, which foods are healthy and which are not, what we will be eating each day and when to eat.

The lecture ends just in time for lunch, perfect timing as I am now fully educated and ready to attack the buffet. Pizza day is here again, time to celebrate and without delay I take two shells and pass them to Doreth for a quick return to the kitchen oven for some extra crispness. It is without question the best way to have this meal, the crunch is what makes them so yummy. Healthy pizza, how could you go wrong?

Time for the post lunch gym session and once again I am on the ARC trainer for a further 60 minutes along with Spartacus. Todays episode was so action packed, it kept me humming along at an epic pace. My average heart rate was 152 BPM over the session and I am feeling great.

Waiting for Scott to arrive, we have our regular weight lifting session scheduled but more importantly  we are taking week two of my body measurements. I am anxious to see the results and am patiently awaiting his arrival with the measuring tape in hand.

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Foremarm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 2 17.00 24.00 55.50 58.00 56.25 13.25 15.00 331.00
Total Loss -0.50 -0.50 -2.00 -2.00 -1.25 -0.75 -2.00 -15.00

Looking good, I can’t believe it. I am shrinking!

Todays weight session is Arnold Schwarzenegger style. We are attacking the upper body with circuit training. My arms and chest can feel the blood pumping, my arms feel stretched out, they are actually pulsating to my hearts beat. We finish todays session with some dips and pull ups. At my current weight, both of these exercises are extremely difficult. Scott has rigged up the lever on the machine with exercise stretch bands, which will aid the counter weight in off setting my weight and allow me assistance while either raising or lowering myself. I am able to do dips with rather ease, the pull ups are near impossible but I am able to complete 4. Maybe it was 3, it felt like the 4th was complete but I didn’t really make it to the top.

A huge day for me all around, lots of exercise, swimming and education and all healthy choices for my nutrition intake. Indeed time for some rest and relaxation on the patio of the Spa building.  I head out of the gym with snacks, bananas and apples are todays goto fruit.

Dinner this evening with the newbies, means you just never know. I ended up sitting down with Linda, she is the lady I met at the computer desk while searching alternate facilities and whom I hopefully convinced to stay at Pritikin.

We get to discussing our lives, she is really an interesting lady all the way from Switzerland. It is really nice to hear about life on the other side of the Atlantic and I sure hope I did not bombard her with my life on the West Coast. I look forward to having her with me over the next few months, that in itself provides me a comfort level of having someone who knows me here over the other guests who come and go like the wind.

Looking forward to another healthy day tomorrow, time to shut it down for the night.