Diet Day 17 – 331 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 30 Lengths
Cardio – 60 Minutes

Sunday is a tough day, very quiet with almost all of last weeks guests now departed with very few scheduled new arrivals.

What to do with myself today, I am laying in bed wondering what would be best. I don’t feel like going to the gym but I know that if I don’t my day will not be complete.

I have noticed that after just five or 10 minutes into any cardio session my motivation levels change from not wanting to do it, to this feels great. If I don’t work out, I feel lethargic and cranky whereas doing the work out gives me an abundance of energy along with a sense of accomplishment.

I make my way upstairs to the breakfast room and sit down for my breakfast of oatmeal and mixed berries. It is so quiet in the room it almost feels awkward to be sitting here.

My morning vitals are at 78 BPM and blood pressure of 116/78. I am really liking these vital readings, it is a sure sign of improved health.

The ARC trainer sits empty awaiting my arrival, today I am going to start watching Spartacus on the Ipad during my routine. I have heard trainers mention that reading or watching movies during a workout takes your attention away from the workout  and you end up watching or reading rather than working out. I could not agree more, however when you select an action packed show such as Spartacus, the momentum of the show keeps you moving. I managed to maintain an average heart rate of 145 BPM over the 60 minute session and burned 945 calories.

Swam laps today, 30 lengths in total. I managed to swim well today with exception of swallowing a lot of pool water. I am self learning how to do the butterfly stroke, following the instructions I found on  YouTube,  I am still not able to do it. I just can’t get the whip or propulsion you need to get your body out of the water. I can sense the stroke is difficult and must be an intense workout, I will continue to practice in hopes of succeeding in learning how. In the meantime some one better fill up the pool with more water.

Lunch this afternoon is simply, chopped salad and a large bowl of fruit. Not much of a community table today, out of 10 seats I am the only one here. Rather then sit alone  I decide to take my lunch out to the main pool and enjoy the sun. The main pool is really busy with all the regular hotel guests. It is Sunday afternoon, everyone is hanging out and relaxing. Not only are they relaxing, they are ordering cocktails and burgers, the french fries smell amazing, I am holding out and continue reading my book.

One can only take so much of watching others eat and party without partaking in the festivity.  A massive rain cloud explodes with torrential rain, the pool deck is cleared in a matter of seconds. It must be a message from above to all those that were eating so poorly. The rain is horizontal, the wind is intense and the sky is black. I gather my bags and make the 100 yard dash to the gym. Once again, I am watching the next episode of Spartacus and loving it. If  I could only keep getting this lucky in picking TV series, it really makes the time on the ARC trainer fly.

For dinner this evening, I found myself back at the Dolphin Mall rather than at Pritikin. I am thinking to myself that I am deviating from the program too much and not following along with it which may be hampering my progress. I convince myself that all will be okay, if I choose wisely with my food selection. I keep thinking about what I am doing here,  I am here on a mission and need to discipline myself further and stick with what I have set out to do. Not participating in the program with my meals as often as I have been doing is only harming me.

The mall is once again buzzing with energy. I am wondering why I always see many people walking around pulling suitcases on wheels. It is not that the suitcases are  new, perhaps people use them as easy transportation for purchases. I should ask someone what is in the bag, I better not!

I stop in at Kobi Sushi for dinner feeling that the choice is wise, I select the tuna and salmon sushi on brown rice with red wine vinegar. This meal is light and fully satisfying, it is also one of the go out meals that Pritikin takes its guest out for once a week under the “Eating Out” lecture class.

Decided to see a last-minute movie, Lincoln is the film of choice, I am thinking it may not be that great but I actually enjoyed it. When the movie ended, I tried to stand up, and my sciatica let me know that it didn’t want to get up. I am completely stuck and can’t walk never the less make it down the stairs. A few minutes of stretching and small steps and I am on my way while thinking to myself that this is a real problem.

Well, Sunday is over and I feel pretty good with myself and look forward to tomorrow and the start of a new week.