Diet Day 16 – 331 Pounds

Saturday morning, a day of rest and recovery!

Here I am, Saturday morning and I am having a day of rest and recovery. Today is beach day but before I head out and gather my daily supplies I am off to the kitchen to request a lunch meal to go as I had the last week.

First stop on the agenda today is for a cup of fresh brewed coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I need to fuel up and I need to make a healthy choice but I don’t see anything on the menu and fall for the smell of toasted bagels. I go with a double toasted whole wheat bagel and cream cheese on the side. Not the best choice, but I am going with it.

As I head over to Dolphin Mall as it is still to early for the beach, I am going to walk the mall and loosen up my hip which is stiff and take advantage of seeing what is new at the Nike store. The walk was helpful in getting me moving, I purchased a couple pairs of new runners. I am an avid shopper for running shoes, I have a rather large collection both at home and here with me. I always said, runners are like tires and you have to rotate them constantly to keep the cushion at its densest.

I finally arrive to North Beach, this where I will be hanging out today on the beach. I am hooking up with one of my cousins for the day. Jonah has a condominium on the beach right next door to the Canyon Ranch building. The view from his terrace is amazing, blue water, white sand and the blue sky in the background is picture perfect. I envy his choice of residence, living on the beach is a lifestyle that I could definitely enjoy. We make our way downstairs and out the back door which brings us directly onto the board walk. We set up chairs and towels, set up our jambox speaker and hang out for a couple of hours taking it all in. What an amazing spot, just being on the beach is so relaxing, it does not get better than this.


It is 3:00 PM and time to leave, I don’t really want to go but the day is sadly over. Driving back inland is really depressing although I feel good from the sun, all tanned and relaxed.

Back at Pritikin, feeling rather lonely. Dinner is not for an hour or more so I decide to sit on my lanai and admire the sunset.  I am sitting here on the lanai and suddenly hear the thumping router noise of a helicopter. I can’t imagine that a helicopter would be flying as low as it sounds. I stand up to have a look and I see the TRUMP helicopter making a landing directly on the golf course out front of my villa. This is rather interesting, as the helicopter lands the routers come to a stop, the door slides open and Donald Trump exits the helicopter. I suppose that with his recent purchase of the Doral Resort and future plans to retrofit the entire resort he is making a stop over to check things out.

Saturday night dinner at Pritikin is not the best. The turnover of guests is underway and new guests arriving are not set up yet, the kitchen is maybe not in full swing. I am not interested in having anything from the menu and am discouraged. Aldo, whom is one of the best waiters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, suggests that I order something off the menu. I look at him in total surprise, I have no idea that you can do this and naturally become excited with having this option. He explains that Pritikin offers two menus, the first as we have everyday and the second a Step One menu which includes other options. Alternatively, I can also order other items that the kitchen may still have in stock from other days.

We discuss all of the options and I decide to order salmon with a lo-fat yogurt dill sauce. Aldo makes this sauce on his own and it is amazing, sweet potato and broccoli. In the end, the dinner was fantastic and completely satisfying. Again another clear indication that a healthy choice can always be made.



I am thinking about my family tonight yet again, this time it really is making me sad to be alone, especially after  being with my cousin today. My family is leaving for Hawaii in a few days for a few weeks, this will be the first time we are apart for our annual pilgrimage to the Islands. I am really upset and sad that I will not be with them. I am thinking about all the things we have done in Hawaii and how they will manage without me.

I start to think that perhaps I could leave Pritikin for a few days and fly over to Hawaii. I can see my family and have a break from being  alone. Then again, if I leave, I may not return and that would be a total disaster. I can not fail, I have set out on this journey and must see it to completion.

I am thinking and thinking and now I am looking at flights. It’s a bad decision but I continue to look. I must look forward and not backwards, I must take these tough times and learn from them while pushing onward with my journey.

You can do it!