Diet Day 15 – 331 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 30 Lengths
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes Core

Another day and another pound has been donated!

Breakfast is the first thing on today’s agenda, I am up at the crack of dawn and ready to go, this is the first time I am feeling hungry and ready to fuel up.

What I have found, is that when I eat clean healthy foods, my appetite is suppressed to the point that I am no longer seeking the next meal. When I deviate and make poor choices with my food selections, I am hungry shortly after eating and seeking out the next meal.

Today I deviated from my usual breakfast of oatmeal and fruit and went with the egg beater omelette. James tells me that the two choices are either egg white or egg beater, which are the same things except the beaters contain food colouring added so the mix appears to contain egg yolks. I go with the beaters along with mixed vegetables and two slices of cardboard. When I say cardboard I am referring to the toast that is available, not sure what it is, but if you burn it you actually get a good crunchy toast. I question the use of cooking spray over in the frying pan, one would think that would be the most unhealthy choice and will speak to Kim with regard to using spray over butter in the pan.

The sciatica is still with me, it has becomes my best friend. It is a bit better than the prior days, the stiffness and pain still evident when I walk or sit down. With the implementation of the new exercise and stretch program that Frank provided, I am hopeful to having some relief.

I arrive in the gym, very quiet this morning and I am wondering where all the participants have gone. I check in for pre exercise vitals, today I am 78 BPM and a blood pressure of 118/80. I take to my ARC trainer for 60 minutes of cardio with ease. I am not following along with the class today, just doing my own thing on the ARC trainer. The class ends but I remain on the machine, trying to break 1000 calories burned in less than 60 minutes and am closing the gap on doing so.

Scott has provided me a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and watch. I have started to keep a daily log of time, calories and heart rate average which I diarize in my daily exercise log sheets. It will be interesting to see how many hours and calories burned during my journey to loosing 100 pounds.

After cardio today, I headed out to the lap pool for some swim laps. The pool cleaners were obviously late today as they were cleaning the pool on my arrival. They assured me it would be just a matter of minutes until they were done so I took the liberty of watching the morning jets arrive. It is remarkable to watch all these massive jets fly over, one after another. Once I got into the pool, I attempted to teach myself how to do the Butterfly. I just can’t get enough propulsion to get myself out of the water with each stroke, I must be doing something wrong. I revert to front stoke and knocked off 30 lengths. Swimming, never one of my favourites is really a great exercise, it’s just you and the water.

Lunch time is nearing and I am ready to take in more fuel.  Todays meal selection is a tomato pasta and mixed greens. I follow-up with a second helping of pasta which is not discouraged, if  you feel that you’re not fully satisfied. I have to remember that waiting to see if I am still hungry is very important, I don’t want to over extend my intake just because the food is available.

I find myself back in the gym after lunch rather attending todays lecture. Back on the ARC trainer for my second 60 minute session and feeling pretty good with each stride, working hard and enjoying the exercise. I wrap up with my cardio session just in time to meet Scott.

I was looking forward to lifting weights this afternoon, however Scott advises me that today we will be working on the core. I am thinking this is going to be brutal, I will be faced with sit ups, sit ups and more sit ups. After we get started, the first thing I realize is that I have no core strength at all. This is a complete struggle, I feel like a beached whale on the floor in absolute burning abdominal pain. It is ugly, but I persist to push hard and follow the instruction. The medicine ball comes out and we start tossing it to each other, this is where I show Scott just how strong I am. In doing so, I think I may have hurt him, I feel bad but continue to laugh. In return Scott brings out these massive ropes of which I am to pick up in each hand and swing each rope up and down multiple times in a specified amount of time. Scott got the last laugh, I did not realize how heavy rope could be and I will be sore tomorrow in places I can’t imagine. Core is not my favourite in any way, I will however continue to work the exercises to gain the sought after six-pack, which I already have under all the protective layers of cushion!

Hungry again and without question need fuel after the last two hours of intense exercise. In the gym, Pritikin staff are always refreshing a large bowl of mixed fruits. My go to choice is bananas and an apple of which I select and within a few minutes of eating I am feeling completely refreshed. This is so strange to me, I would never take fruit as an energy booster, I would always go after processed food, then still be hungry immediately after consuming it. Learning more and more everyday.

I think todays exercise is completed. I am making my way over to the Spa reception desk in search of booking a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Now that I have completed my make over for the day, I am feeling great but the day is over. It has gone so fast that I am surprised it is nearing 5PM.

Showered and dressed with every intention of heading to dinner. I deviate from my plan and found myself in the car, headed out but with nowhere in mind. It is prime time rush hour and traffic is at a stand still. I contemplate returning and having dinner as I should be doing but don’t see anyway to turn around. I continue on to the freeway and see a sign indicating Coral Gables Exit. I take the exit and find myself on a street called the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. The street is busy with people so I park the car and decide to walk the Miracle Mile in search of something for dinner. I don’t see anything specific that looks overly healthy, but I do see a California Pizza Kitchen. I am thinking about what transpired at the Cheese Cake Factory and have no intention of duplicating that night. I do however know that they have salads and decide to go inside and take a seat at the bar. Pritikin does not endorse the use of soft drinks, I am having one anyways. I review the menu, I am well aware at what they serve, I have been to other CPK’s many times. I decide to stick to my plan and make good choices, I proceed to order a BBQ Chicken Salad with no dressing. I am sitting at the bar, I am alone so not much to do other than watch them making pizza, it was not long before my salad arrived and without waiting to determine if I was satisfied I ordered a thin crust pizza.

I can’t believe I gave in to my eyes and ordered a pizza. Yet again, I have ambushed myself and feel completely guilty. I wait for the Pizza to arrive while I am thinking about my options. I can decide to not eat it and leave, tell the server I no longer want it, get it to go and throw in the garbage or give it to the doorman at the resort. None of those options came to fruition, the pizza arrives and I take one slice and eat it. The guilt convinced me to only eat two slices rather than eating the whole pizza.

I am feeling badly about my decision to order the pizza and in the same breath I am relieved that I only had two pieces. I start to think about it more, I conclude that the total intake was not unreasonable however the sodium and fat content was high and I may suffer from the choice. Sure enough, I find my mouth dry from the salt and I am overly thirsty. This is interesting, I am feeling the effects of the food.

Looking forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be Saturday and I have made plans to visit the beach along with a relative who lives in Miami. Aside from dinner, I had a great day and am learning a lot about my weakness and strengths.

Tomorrow is yet another healthy day!