Diet Day 12 – 334 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 30 Minutes

Early rise, 530AM and ready to hit it hard.

Solid breakfast this morning yet again. Oatmeal with mixed berries, grapefruit and watermelon with pineapple wedges. I can’t thank James enough, every morning he is so happy to see me with his huge smile. The nearly frozen “icy cold” water is a real treat and his delivery with grand announcement of it being served is fantastic.

The sciatica pain today is intense, it has been nearly four months since my fall and the pain has not let up at all. The worst part of this chronic pain,  I can’t find relief from it and am starting to think it is going to be with me forever. I have heard stories of people living with chronic pain, never really appreciated how much these people suffer but am having a first hand experience. I am looking forward to meeting with Frank Musumeci this afternoon, he is a Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal specialist. I have heard some amazing things about him and very much hope he is able to access my situation and provide the support I need to overcome whatever is going wrong inside of me. Aside from taking guest appointments once a week, he also speaks in lecture each week and from what I have heard his lecture is not to be missed.

I am now crawling into the gym, the pain is constant and the thought of working out is with me however I am not so certain it will be possible. Pre exercise vitals are recorded at 84 BPM and a blood pressure of 122/86. Looking around the gym to see what I can do that will be least evasive to my soreness. I  jump aboard the ARC trainer once again and commence the stride, very slowly albeit but at least I am pushing forward with the effort. The good old saying “No Pain, No Gain” is running through my head and believe me it could not be any more true.

Finished with the gym, it was not my best workout but it will have to suffice. Headed to the pool to lay down, no swim laps today. I prepare a lounge chair with multiple towels, the towels are acting as a cushion as I am trying to ease the pressure and release some of the pain. I ended up falling to sleep in the mid morning sun for about twenty minutes. I am not one to take a nap very often, this little cat nap felt pretty good.

Time for my Psychologist appointment, looking forward to hearing what Coral has concluded about our last appointment and specifically hear what she feels this “hole” I have is about. Without saying, I am not surprised she didn’t have the answer but was mores so looking for me to answer the question. I almost certain she does not recall anything we discussed in the first appointment, she seems to be more interested in talking to me about herself and other’s she has worked with.

Lunch today offers a variety of items, the bean burrito or  the vegetable lasagna. I discover that if your first to the buffet you can scrape off the top layer of lasagna and get the crispy layer from all the other pieces and wedge together a pretty decent piece. Why this is of particular interest to me is that I miss the crunch in my meals. Yes, vegetables give crunch but I am missing the cracker type of crunch and the lasagna tops are crunchy. If your late and you miss the top layer, best to go with something else. The last time lasagna was being served, I had scrapped the top layer off and the guy behind me starting complaining that the lasagna didn’t have any top layers.  I chuckled to myself and once again I am causing a ruckus with the lasagna.

I am finishing up lunch and thinking to myself that todays weight session is going to be impossible. I can’t even walk, never the less sit and stand. Scott seems to be compassionate and suggests we go easy and perhaps focus mostly on the upper body. I have an ego to protect, so I agree and make every effort to keep myself motivated but end up doing no more than a few exercises and calling it quits.

Meeting with Frank was amazing. We narrowed my hip issue down to perhaps a few areas of concern, most likely my sacrum could be out of line from the fall. When I fell, I had impacted the hammock frame on my right side, my son told me it looked like an airplane falling out the sky. This impact could have knocked my sacrum out of position, tilting it to one side and stressing all the nerves. Frank prescribed some exercise packets and stretches to aid in stretching and possible recovery of the injury and made me well aware that this process will take time, lots of time. We spent three hours together reviewing and examining my body.

My appointment with Frank carried well into the dinner hour so on my way down from the medical offices I grabbed a quick snack bowl of cut up fruit and cottage cheese. I was looking forward to tonight’s Pan Roasted Scallops and mashed cauliflower but opted out in the name of being in a hurry as I was planning to drive over to Best Buy and grab a Gopro Camera for my son. They were just released and Best Buy has one on hold for me, if I don’t pick it up they will sell it and apparently they are rather difficult to come by.

Back in the villa, I will have to take a percocet tonight, first one in many weeks and I am hoping it kicks in quickly as the pain is brutal. Need to sleep well, my body hurts and I need rest.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!