Diet Day 11 – 334 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Down 12 pounds in 11 days and today we do measurements!

The alarm went off at 630AM but for some reason or another I kept on sleeping. Perhaps my body needs the rest, I sure feel great. It’s now 8AM and I need to get to the breakfast table before they close it down. I am feeling like I have been away from home for a long time, it has only been just more than a week and I have so much further to go.

The sky is really dark this morning, maybe that is why I slept so late. They tell me that being inland, the cloud cover builds up and sits over top of this area longer then it does along the shore where the coastal breeze is always blowing. I am starting to think more and more about the beach, for some reason the colour of the water and sand is very appealing to me. I could certainly get use to seeing that every morning and the thought of running on the beach has me thinking.

Another breakfast of oatmeal and mixed berries, fuel for champion’s is what I am calling it. Some morning’s the oatmeal is so thick that it resembles wall paper paste, perhaps this is why they say it stays with you for so long. I am having a dine and dash moment as I am so late, I have missed the start of my A-1 class and feel as if I am playing hookey from school.

I get to the gym, it is nearing 830AM and the A-1 class is just finishing up, the A-2 class is having vitals administered and I am just smiling away and enjoying that moment of being the seasoned guy in the gym. With all the new guests wandering around as I did last week, it appears everyone is lost in what to do first. I make my way to the file cabinet, pull my file and have my vitals recorded. 84 BPM and blood pressure 84/126, yet again I am loving those numbers. I am always expecting them to be much higher, I suppose it will take a few more weeks to have it settle in as just being normal.

As I wind up on the ARC trainer the A-2 class is starting up. I am thinking that missing my scheduled A-1 class was not that big of a deal, the class is not mandatory but is an essential part of the program. I am working out on my own, the staff is still receptive to my presence and maintains a vigil on keeping my moving vitals recorded, which is good.

I finished up with 60 minutes on the ARC and now am thinking about my next activity. I can either go to the lap pool and do laps or join the aquatics class in the main pool. With the cloud cover and lack of sun, I decide to visit the lap pool and do some lengths. As I get ready to get into the pool, I climb down the ladder and the water temperature is feeling like the mid to high 90’s. Something is very wrong here, the lap pool is feeling like a gigantic hot tub. I don’t think it is possible to do laps but I give it a try and as I had thought, there is no way you can swim in hot water for exercise.

Snack today is Butter Nut Squash Soup and Hummus with vegetable sticks. As I am wondering around the cooking class kitchen, I meet up with some guests that just arrived yesterday. As we are socializing and enjoying the mid morning snack I realize that I have a scheduled appointment with the Pritikin Psychologist and am late.

In speaking with Coral Avron, the Psychologist we are trying to understand my life story and what is missing from it and or what is too much with it. Do I have a food addiction; is that addiction used to fill a hole within? That is the question, I need to ponder this and come back with some insight into this next week. I have never really been interested in attending these type of council session’s, I just don’t understand the need but I am willing to give it a try to see what comes from it.

Lunch time again, waking up so late today and now lunch which is just after snack which was just after breakfast I am not feeling hungry in the least bit. I have already learned that you eat when your hungry and when you eat you only eat until your satisfied. With that being said, I am not hungry and the thought of eating is not priority. I am fighting with that scenario, if I am not hungry and I don’t eat, what will I do when I am hungry and lunch is not being served. Again, why am I thinking about food so much?

After all that thought on what to do, I decided I had better have lunch. That was a great call as today they had pizza on the buffet. Pizza, remarkable how it that possible. Well let me tell you, Pizza with one strand of cheese and a boat load of vegetables in a whole wheat crust just isn’t pizza. If you send it back to the kitchen and have it crisped in the oven, it is like a vegetable cracker with tomato sauce, which does do it justice. It was good, I will look forward to seeing it again on the menu next week.

I start off with some mild cardio, mostly just hanging out in the gym with no real intent of having a full cardio session. I have Scott at 2PM for a weight lifting session and am thinking I will just keep active in a mild way.

Today we are going to record my body measurements over seven areas. On my arrival I had measurements taken with the intent of doing this every week not only to record my weight but to see the physical change in my body size.

The seven area’s to be measured weekly are: Right Calf, Right Thigh, Glute, Waist, Chest, Right Forearm, Right Bicep and Weight.

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Foremarm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 1 17.25 24.00 55.50 59.00 56.50 13.25 15.00 334.00
Total Loss -0.25 -0.50 -2.00 -1.00 -1.00 -0.75 -2.00 -12.00

Very thrilled to see these measurements, I am 7.5″ combined smaller and down 12 LBS. Wow, this is amazing and I am so proud of myself.

Dinner tonight feels formal with all the new guests. I notice that people are dressed up this week, whereas last week it appeared much more casual. On the menu tonight we have Citrus Fennel Mango on Mixed Green Salad, Barley Soup and Baked Crab Cake with Cole Slaw, Corn Soufflé and Red Potato. For dessert I went with the Blueberry Cheese Cake.

After dinner, I made a quick trip to Dolphin Mall, new runners and a movie in celebration of a great week. 

Very excited about tomorrow!