Diet Day 9 – 336 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 20 Minutes

Today is Saturday, very sluggish at getting out of bed this morning. Could it be that Cheeseburger?

It is well after 800AM before I make it up to breakfast. As I arrive you can really sence the emptiness as most of the guests from the last week have left. I am told new guests will be arriving today, however with Christmas nearing next month the enrollment is rather light.

This morning, I added grapefruit to my selection and I only mention this as my first scoop was so sour that my face went numb. In my earlier days, I recall slicing a grapefruit and covering it with sugar, that was not an option this morning. I am planning a beach visit today and a run on the soft white sands but before I leave the resort I check into the gym for some cardio. It just feels that if I don’t workout my day won’t be a success, not to mention I have a cheeseburger to burn off after yesterdays  bad choice.

The gym is near empty other than a few staff members doing file work, I am one of the few here. Never the less, I have my vitals recorded at 82 BPM and a blood pressure of 110/80. I was thinking that my blood pressure was going to be escalated from the Cheeseburger. I mount my ARC trainer and commence the workout along with watching the next episode of The Walking Dead for next 60 minutes. Pool time followed, just some casual swimming with not many lengths as I enjoyed the morning sun.

As I prepare to depart, I stop in at the restaurant and ask if they would prepare a lunch to go for me. I had overheard a group yesterday ordering a meal for the airplane travel they were taking back home. It only took a few minutes, James prepared me a complete basket of goods, almost buffet style. He had prepared me a salad and packaged it and some grilled chicken along with a stack of fresh fruit and without saying “icy waters” and wished me a great day.

I finally arrive to the beach, I have decided to set up just outside of the Canyon Ranch building, it is located in North Miami Beach which is bit less hectic and not as many tourists. As I gather my gear for this beach day and get all set up, I realize that being alone at the beach is not that practical with so much gear in hand. Should I decide to go in the water or take a run as I had planned, my gear and valuables will be unattended. With that being said, I pretty much had to remain within viewing distance of my belongings and was not able to venture on my first beach run.  I will figure out how to best approach this for my next visit next weekend. Looking over my shoulder, I am seeing all the hotels and beach guests relaxing under umbrellas on plush lounge chairs being served drinks and trays of food.

Beach day is over, I am back in my Villa and preparing for dinner. As I make my way upstairs to the restaurant it is yet again very quiet. I decide to opt out with a diversion to the Dolphin Mall. I am thinking I will go see a movie and perhaps eat out at Kobe Sushi. I will order sushi on brown rice and substitute soya sauce with red wine vinegar as suggested by the Nutritionist. As I park the car, I see The Cheese Cake Factory is brilliantly placed at the front doors.  I am thinking about it, all the reasons not to go but end up walking over to the front door. A message from above, the Cheese Cake Factory is closed for a special event. I am disappointed, obviously still a food addict I think to myself. I am very thankful that I was able to carry out what I had intended, my visit to the Kobe House was perfect, I felt completely satisfied.

It goes to show you that eating healthy is satisfying, making poor choices is nothing more than that.

I finished my dinner and went upstairs to the theatre and went to see Skyfall which did  not  impress me however it was nice to be out and about. Being at the movie alone was really lonely, again thinking about my family and how much longer it will be until I see them.

Tomorrow is going to be great, going to the NFL game and am very excited.

Tomorrow is another healthy day!