Diet Day 10 – 336 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

630AM wake up for a Sunday, why!

What was I thinking, I did not realize that it being Sunday, there would be no scheduled A-1 gym class. All the new guests are being assessed as I was last Sunday so things are rather quiet. A day for yourself, do as you please with nothing really scheduled.

That is no reason not to attend the gym. I am up and ready to tackle the day with some healthy choices and a NFL football game, what could be better.

Breakfast is served and I am in attendance for hot oatmeal, mixed berries, banana’s and another attempt at morning grapefruit. I am finding that having the proper breakfast, one with satiety gives me energy and a fully satisfied feeling for hours. I recall eating a breakfast with eggs and cheese, toast and jam always left me feeling satisfied but I was always hungry for something else a short while after. Certainly after those breakfasts I was not ready to hit the gym but more so ready to relax.

The gym is rather quiet this morning,  I made my entry in usual grand style. I am feeling so good inside, it’s as if I am glowing. I have arrived and am ready for vitals and take centre stage at the check in desk.  94 BPM and a blood pressure of 110/80. I am still amazed each time my blood pressure is recorded.

It’s now 1030AM, I am meeting my nephew who is schooling in Boca. I give him a tour around the property including the golf course. Jordan is an avid golfer and the Blue Monster is appealing to all those that attend the property including the massive pro shop which offers all the required accessories for the most discerning.

We at last are headed out to Sun Life Stadium for the big game. No parking pass in hand we are in a line of cars longer then the eye can see.  As we move forward, I see a street vendor with a  cardboard sign offering Reserved Parking Passes for only $20.00. I negotiated down to $10.00 and made the purchase, now we are moving in  the free-flowing lane headed for Reserved Parking holders. Oh boy,  we are parking right next to the stadium in tail gate alley. Just my luck, the tail gate parties are going in full swing and the smell of bbq is everywhere. I have never seen anything like this before, campers and trucks with big screen TV’s, music and carpets on the asphalt with sofas. As you can imagine, my mouth is watering to say the least and I am wondering if these people are going to the game or hanging out in the parking lot.

Lower Bowl seats are in order,  Row 17 on the 40-yard line. Perfect seats, the stadium is full and the military is being honoured today with a fleet of screaming jets overhead. Sad to say, the game was not that exciting but it is awesome to get out and be part of the crowds. Food wise, I can say that many poor choices for nutrition can be made in a stadium but I was solid with my diligence. I found one small booth offering roasted turkey breast and another selling fruit.

Back after the game for dinner, it’s Sunday night and time to meet and greet all the newbies. As we all gather to the tables for dinner, the conversations all begin as they did last week when I arrived.

Here we go, week 2 and I am ready to rumble.