Diet Day 7 – 339 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aquatics Class – 45 Minutes
Swimming – 20 Lengths
Cardio – 100 Minutes

Holding 339 LBS and feeling proud so far, I have lost 7 pounds in as many days, how did I do it?

It’s just after 6AM, and I am ready to roll however the A-1 class doesn’t start for a while so I am sitting in the outdoor courtyard watching the fog roll over the golf course with the sun soon to rise.

Oatmeal is my choice today with berries and perhaps a coffee. I say perhaps for two reasons, firstly Pritikin does not endorse coffee, I have overheard others say that oils in  the coffee beans are of concern. Secondly, the coffee substitute they offer of which I have yet to try is greenish and not that appealing. Hopefully James, who is off today will have let Doreth, the Queen of the breakfast room know that ‘icy” water is my go to beverage. I will make a point to speak with Kim in regards to the coffee, hopefully to better understand what  the concern is with coffee. On the bright side, Starbucks is just down the street or in the lower level of the Doral Resort. I decided to pass on coffee and just get on with my morning. This is a good choice!

Interesting thought which seems remarkable, when  I first arrived at Pritikin, I was taking blood pressure medicine and had a blood pressure of 155 / 95.  The Doctor removes me from my pills on my first visit knowing that my pressure is escalated. He knows or is predicting that it will drop to normal levels within a day or two. In fact, he was right on the mark as my blood pressure has been more or less perfect. My vitals this morning are 125/82 and from what I gather the only different thing happening other than exercise, is that my sodium level has been decreased to less than 1250 mg per day. I have no clue what my intake was prior to arriving however when I calculate my prior food intake, I was likely consuming upward of 5000 mg per day.

Something to be said about sodium!

I am ready for another a healthy day and with that being said it’s work out time. My knee is aching again, not sure why but with that discomfort along with the sciatica I don’t even consider any piece of cardio equipment other then the ARC trainer.  I don’t want to complain about the pain, everyone has already heard enough about it,  just saying they both are a complete nuisance.

Post exercise vitals are okay today, 92 BPM and my blood pressure is 118/90. Working out hard on the ARC trainer, getting my heart rate to 157 BPM and feeling the sweat. Ivan keeps reminding me to take it easy with my knee, I just look at him and growl and keep going.  Ivan Ferran  is the regimented fellow I had the pleasure of meeting the morning of my physical assessment. He is in remarkable shape,  he certainly  proves himself  with discipline, which is obvious, not to mention he is a legend at Pritikin. Ivan takes my moving blood pressure which now registers 98/64 he instructs to reduce my pace as he immediately provides me a few ounces of G2. He has now requested that I cease working out for a few minutes. I am more concerned with where he got that G2 from, I like it and want more.  Ivan continues to administer my vitals, and advises me that the G2 will aid in replenishing me. Where do they keep that G2, my cup is empty?

I make my way to the main pool for  the morning aquatic aerobics class. What an absolute blast, what could be better than being outside in the sunshine, music and a group of people shaking it up in a pool. As most of the candidates in todays aqua class are much older than me, the class was tending to be a bit on the light side. I however turned it up a notch and decided to work it and make some waves.  45 minutes does make an impact with water resistance, I was feeling pretty good. I continued on in the pool after class and swam lengths on my own.

I am relaxing and drying off  and start thinking about this afternoon. After lunch my first weekly Doctor appointment is scheduled. We will review all my tests that were taken on my arrival, those included blood work and the Ultra Sound of which I am worried about. I have to admit, the mind can certainly come up with negative thoughts if you allow it to drift.

For lunch, no more of yesterdays whatever that was, I must be more selective and cautious with my selections. Today,  I am going to experiment with Scandinavian Split Pea Soup, Hungarian So Soya and a salad. That sounds Ironman worthy!

Here I am sitting at the reception desk in the Medical office patiently awaiting my appointment. Ruth call’s me up and escorts me to Dr. Scheib’s office where I take a seat and review my file with the Doctor. I am being told that my blood work has noted that some markers are slightly out of range, common with obesity and the balance all being in the normal range. Now that we have starting markers, we will see them improve over time as  I lose the weight and eat healthy. As we move on I am told that the Ultra Scan of my heart indicates that “I have a huge heart.” Awwwww, how kind of him, I think to myself.  He is referring to its size and advises that a large heart is not abnormal as he turns around and starts the video clip of my heart pumping blood.  This is very interesting to watch, I am actually watching my heart pump blood through my body. Then the bomb, I am told that the Ultra Sound has discovered an area of mass in my thyroid. That large heart stopped beating, I turned white with a sense of panic. I am told not to worry,  I will see the Oncologist for a review, if they feel a biopsy is required they will perform one and we will go from there. That was assuring, I think my day has been altered dramatically from being upbeat to absolute panic.

As I leave the Doctors office for my 2PM weight session with Scott, I immediately decide that I am in no condition to work out. I have a pit in my stomach, I am petrified and my mind is racing. I make my way to the villa for a sit down on what I call the lanai and start pondering. My lap top is open and the research is commencing,  I know that I will handle this situation the best I can and I will stay strong but never the less it is very difficult, I am all alone here and that is felt strongly.

Before I knew it the day was over and the dinner hour was fast approaching. I really am not in a the mood for dinner but must fuel my body or I will end up looking for a meal that will likely be a poor choice. I made way up to the restaurant and sat down at a small table and ordered a wedge salad, vegetable soup, and tonight’s prized bison which I am told is the best meal of the week along with a baked potato.

The table next, has two gentlemen sitting down talking. Both of them ask me to join them. I hesitated briefly, I really don’t want to talk but they insisted so I casually moved over as to not be rude. I was certain that my facial expression was that of worry, however it did not appear that they were picking up on it. As dinner was served, Leonard who was telling stories back from the old days in NYC expanded his interaction to include he was the founder of Barnes & Noble.  We spent the next two hours talking  and enjoying his stories of him growing up in NYC. Leonard is adamant that he invented aerobics, his stories were so hilarious that found my cheeks were beginning to be sore with laughter.

It ended up be a great evening which both lifted my spirits and gave me a whole new outlook on how aerobics were invented. I will never forget the stories from tonight, thank you Leonard.

Time for rest, I realize that I do in fact feel great and the only thing that is knocking on my door is this Thyroid issue. WTF!