Diet Day 6 – 339 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 45 Minutes

Today is going to be fantastic as I learn how to plan my eating strategy and expose myself to one of the most awful things I have ever eaten. Enjoy!

Started off with my regular routine of waking up at 630AM and made way for breakfast of champions. Oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon which gives that added flavour along with strawberries, raspberries and pineapple.

Cardio this morning felt rather easy, usually the first few minutes are such a grind, but today it just felt natural. My vitals pre exercise were 88 BPM and blood pressure 130/88 which I think may be from last nights pizza slice error. I will need to watch out for that unwanted sodium intake when I make poor choices on cheat meals. I had a maximum heart rate of 157 BPM at my peak and was able to see a better blood pressure reading of 110/78 on my recovery. I suppose you can say, I cleaned myself out with an intense work out.

I had my Resting Metabolic Test (RMR) test after cardio, and tested out at 3000 which is slightly lower than normal. It should be as they claim, 10% of your body weight. This number reflects the amount of calories you would burn in a 24-hour period while resting. In my mind that sounds like a big number, wow, I can burn that many calories doing nothing?

At last, a meeting with the Nutritionist Kimberly Gomer is scheduled for this afternoon. I want to discuss just about everything. More specifically, what and how much should I be eating from the buffet, what are the benefits of the Pritikin Diet and most importantly how do you practice healthy eating at home and when out in a restaurant.

Lunch today was appalling, however I made it through it. I shot a video of what I was eating, lentil beans, rice covered with salsa and sour cream to make it go down. The video is a must see, I have posted it below for your entertainment, just so you know, I had to eat it again just to shoot this epic video clip. I almost threw up at the table. I admit after watching the video I laughed with tears of laughter along with everyone else at today’s lunch.

I love it when the trainer cancels, wonder if I can send him a bill, as they do when you miss a session.  It was actually a planned day off for Scott, he made every attempt to have another trainer fill in for him today, but I am adamant that I only want to work out with him so today was either free time, go to a lecture, go to the pool or rent a new car for the next few months as the car I had from my arrival was to be returned today. I have no intention of not having a car here for the amount of time I will be here so off to the rental facility for a new car.

Oh boy, what a car, what a colour. I had requested a Jeep but in turn ended up with a Mustang. Not just any Mustang a lime green convertible. The colour is so awful that I am almost embarrassed to drive it. I have a request in for a replacement, any colour other than lime will do. I am hopeful that request get fulfilled before I head to see the Miami Dolphins vs. NY Patriots game next week.

Now that I am back at Pritikin with my lime Mustang, I parked at the back of the parking lot, it’s time to visit with Kimberly and find out what I am so anxious to hear.

The Pritikin Eating Plan is considered one of the most healthful eating plans in the world. It doesn’t focus on individual food components like fat, carbs or protein. Rather, the plan chooses from healthy nutrient-rich foods to help lose excess weight and build long-lasting health. We are going to categorize foods into three categories. GO foods, CAUTION foods and STOP foods.  (click on the hypertext to see those food groupings)

So what should I be eating and how much – I ask? She tells me that I will be eating a lot of food and that in order to achieve a healthy well-balanced diet I will need to choose foods from the following food groups.

  1. Unrefined Complex Carbohydrates
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fruit
  4. Calcium Rich Foods
  5. Protein

By including a variety of foods from each of these food groups you can obtain a balance of vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

So when do I eat and the answer is whenever you are hungry. When you eat, don’t stuff yourself and always make sure you don’t starve.

So how much do I eat and the answer is until your full. How do I know when I am full and the answer is rather simple. Use a scale of 1 to 10, start with being ready to eat as a 1, then when you feel like you’re at a 4, take a breather for a few minutes. If your still hungry eat some more. Take it to a 6, take a few moments and see how you feel. At a 6 you should feel satisfied, keep in mind this is the feeling you get from your stomach not your eyes. Your body is cleaver, it will know when you have had enough.

So what foods should I eat and the answer is foods that are Low to Moderate Calorie Density. What does that mean, it means that dry and refined carbohydrates such as cereals contain up to 1750 calories per pound. Chocolate bars, cookies and chips can contain up to 2500 calories per pound. Foods like these with just a few bites can add up to 1000 calories long before you feel any sense of fullness.

On the other hand, fresh and minimally processed foods like vegetables can contain up to 195 calories per pound and fresh fruit up to 420 calories per pound. If you eat foods with low to moderate calorie density you will be eating a lot of food, but not a lot of calories.

So I figure now with that information, I got it all figured out. Not so fast, you need to fully understand the Calorie Density Solution.

Here it is and it’s so simple and very doable in the real world. TO LOSE WEIGHT, you choose foods that fill your stomach with the fewest calories. You also pick those foods with LASTING POWER that stay in your stomach, keeping it full, for as long a time as possible.

So then can I just count calories? That doesn’t always work, all to often you will still be hungry. If your counting calories, you will stop eating when you reach your pre ordained number. Lets say 800 calories, but your stomach may not be ready to stop. Lets say for lunch at the deli, for those 800 calories you have eaten half a sandwich and small pastry. On the way out of the deli your still thinking of food. If your still hungry you haven’t satisfied your appetite but you have consumed 800 calories. Apply these 800 calories to a healthy salad and you will not only be satisfied, you will be satisfied for hours.

That is a lot of information to absorb, shall we look at discussing this again in a few days after   we practice the above? It all makes sense, seems so simple.


Dinner tonight was solo, I wanted to practice what I learned today. I ate to a scale of 5, I took my time and gauged how I was feeling through out my meal and it worked. I am feeling great, I feel energized, I feel satisfied.