Diet Day 5 – 341 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swimming – 15 Lengths
Cardio – 30 Minutes
Weights & Core – 60 Minutes

Good morning, it’s 630AM.

Making my way up to breakfast, the sciatica pain is making the walk very slow.  I am struggling down the long hall to the lobby before reaching the breakfast room. Today is day 5, I am not interested in breakfast, the same thing again is not appealing to me right now. I am reasoning with myself, my thoughts are being negative certainly my lack of enthusiasm is solely based on still being partially asleep and this continual sciatic pain.

I take a seat at the table and before I even look up, James who is the king of the morning breakfast room has an ice cushion in hand and is placing it under my hip. His smile and enthusiasm are bar none incredible, one of my favourite things to have is very cold water with my meals. James refers to this as “icy” cold water and has taken the liberty of partially freezing two bottles of water in anticipation of my arrival this morning. All though breakfast is served by way of buffet, James has prepared me an egg white omelette with vegetables along with some dynamite hot sauce which is low in sodium. I have been told that Pritikin restricts the sodium content in the foods they serve to very low levels. I will learn more about this fact, once I visit the Nutritionist and attend some of the Lectures. I am finding that the abundance of fresh fruit consumed in the morning brings a lot of energy to my body, the natural sweet water content is so refreshing. So far, watermelon and pineapple have been my go to selections.

Time for the group A-1 gym class and the morning protocol of vitals and selecting the cardio machine of choice which will become my partner for the next 45 minutes. As the treadmill caused me some grief yesterday, today I made the elliptical my best buddy, this particular machine is made by Cybex and is called the Arc Trainer. The  group leader this morning is Camille and she is ready to rock out this session. My vitals are recorded at 111 (BPM) and blood pressure of 122/80 and away I go.

This mornings exercise class concluded, it was as intense interval session. I was feeling sluggish, perhaps the movement of the new cardio machine will take some time to get into the groove. I passed on attending the optional weight lifting class as I have Scott booked at 2PM. I headed ver to the lap pool, and started the morning swim, the weather is remarkable, warm and humid.  It is rather interesting to be swimming and with each stroke coming up for air and seeing massive airplanes fly overhead. The lap pool is in line with the runway at Miami International Airport and each morning the overseas flights are all on final approach. Swimming is so peaceful, it is just you and the water and in this case, 747’s, 767’s and A380’s.


I am feeling sad, I miss my wife and family more than ever which resulted in shedding a few tears. I need to be more positive, its only been 5 days, I will survive.

Each day, twice daily you have the ability to have snack meals which are served in the Cooking Class kitchen. As this room is next to the lap pool,  I decided to dry off and venture in for a snack. Today’s offering is a hot soup, I decided to pass on the soup but invested in a few bananas of which really hit the spot. I am now just in time to either attend the morning lecture or visit the main pool. I chose the pool deck where I set up a lounge chair and drifted off into a deep nap. I know it was deep, I woke myself up with some very loud snoring. Wow, that felt good, I am not one that takes naps.

Lunch time again, it feels like all they do here is feed you and for some reason I am all not that hungry. This must be a good thing, all the other diets I have tried in the past all resulted in me being starving which would always end up causing me to binge eat. As I force myself to the salad bar again, I notice that the hot buffet contains something interesting. I see burritos, how could that be. I make my way over and take a look at my first healthy burritos. With som low-fat sour cream and sodium free salsa, they are not bad. As I sit down and eat lunch, I think to myself that this makes my morning, but then I ask myself, why does food make me so happy? I am going to work on answering this, I need to know why I think this way.

Gym time, lunch is done and I am on the way for some post lunch cardio for 30 minutes, before Scott beckons me to the weight lifting area. Today we spend our time learning the circuit training routine, lots of fun moving around the machines however Scott is keeping the weight to a minimum and it feels like I am wasting my time. I ask Scott to follow the Arnold Schwarzenegger way of  “make it heavier” but he laughs me off. He tells me that it is more important to learn the technique and have form, then we can lift more weight. He assures me we will get it heavier in the weeks to come.

Part of my selected program contains further medical testing. I have selected a number of tests, sort of the 50,000 mile check up. My medical appointment today is for an Ultra Sound of the heart and arteries. My technician Danny is young and full of energy. He appeases my nervousness with words of wisdom as he scans my heart and arteries with precision. Not much being said, what is he seeing I start to wonder. I should put aside any concerns, he would certainly react if something abnormal was noted. We are all done he blurts out, I wonder what he saw and I ask with excitement to which he replies, your Doctor will have the report this afternoon and you will need to discuss same with him. You got to hate that!

I spent the balance of the afternoon on the patio of my villa which is located on the lower floor of the spa building looking out onto one of the golf courses. It’s very relaxing, I had Doug arrange with the hotel to get me some deep cushion patio furniture as my stay was going to be extended and I wanted to make it comfortable. Thoughts are racing through my head about this Ultra Sound, what if something is wrong, what if?

It’s already 6PM, time for dinner again. To my disbelief, I end up with the same couple as last night and another gentleman from Arizona.  A few minutes later another guest joins our table, his name is AV, he tells us all that he is a night owl and loves working all night long and then attending the casino. I recall seeing him the other day sleeping in a lecture, he was snoring and now I understand why. He is rather funny and keeps the table in a joyous mood.

Well today went rather fast, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but in a good way. It is still early, not ready for bed just yet so I decide to head over to the Dolphin Mall. This mall is an outlet of epic proportions, it takes a half hour to find a parking space, the parking lot is full, people everywhere. As I approach the main entrance I hear loud music and I people dancing on tables. I have never seen anything like this at a mall before, more so at a nightclub. Kind of interesting, the scene gives me a happy feeling which I really needed as I am still feeling lonely. I make my into the mall and see a Nike Store, this is exciting for me as I normally can’t fit into clothing from normal stores other than shoes, so some new Nike shoes are in order.

I continue walking through the mall and start to smell the aroma of the food court, this is going to hurt I think to myself. I am strong keep walking, my mind is racing with the thought of a hot piece of cheese pizza. Don’t do it, I keep saying but I break down and find myself at Sapporo Pizza and with much guilt I order a slice of pizza. As I sit at the food court table, I am eating this pizza and thinking about it. It really is not that great, I am not hungry, it is doing nothing for me, it’s just eye candy. I am not eating this for me, I am eating this because my eyes think it’s great.  Perhaps this a good thing, I tell myself,  it will expand my knowledge on how to react to these type of food events, it will provide me with some insight on my pre and post feelings towards this type of meal and how will my body react to it. I am afraid, yet I continue to savour each bite.

I can’t believe I succumbed to that smell of food, so ashamed. My body didn’t need it, my fuel levels were high, I just had dinner an hour ago. It was all in my mind, food for my eyes not my body. My heart is racing, I feel the pizza in my stomach, my fingers smell of grease and I have the worst flatulence.  I need to unroll the window in the car, where did that smell come from?

Back at Pritikins, Sons of Anarchy is about to start on TV and I am excited to watch what happens in tonight’s episode. As I sit back on my bed watching TV, that lonely feeling comes back, this time it hits hard. I miss my family, my house, my dogs, my everything but I must stay and be strong and get healthy, you can do it I tell myself.

I will make it, I am strong, stronger than the odour in the air from my pizza!!!!!!

Tomorrow is another healthy day.