Diet Day 3 – 346 Pounds

Before and After

Blood Draw, Doctor Appointment, Stress Test, Fitness Orientation
Swim: Breast Stroke – 10 Laps
Swim: Front Crawl – 10 Laps

Here we go, up early as my journey has started.

It is 630AM, my first medical appointment is scheduled for 7AM for a blood draw. I have been assigned a Doctor, Dr. Schieb will administer all my tests and results and be providing weekly reviews. Blood draws will be completed each Sunday morning with result reviews each Thursday. My blood work has been completed and I am now being assessed by the Doctor. The first item we discuss are current medications, I am currently taking blood pressure medicine of which I have been taking for the past ten years.  The Doctor instructs me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine. I was shocked with that directive, in disbelief I thought to myself, what will I do with the six month supply I brought with me. He informs me that with my new diet, reduced sodium intake and exercise program, I will no longer require to take those pills. With hesitation, I followed his advice. We continue with the examination, other than being obese, I am good to go.

Breakfast is served each day in the restaurant and is set up buffet style. Lots of options, four different hot oatmeals, egg white omelette with every type of vegetable and an abundance of fresh fruit selections. I selected the fresh fruit, a bowl of oatmeal and a couple of bottles of water.

I am scheduled for my Stress test at 1045AM, so with some extra time on hand I headed out to the pool and enjoyed some Florida sunshine.

It’s time for the Stress test so I have made my way to the lower level of the medical facility where I was met by what appeared to be a very military regimented man. He seemed to be in charge, his voice and demeanor were very directive. He was no other, Pritikin’s poster boy Ivan. The Stress test included a brief interview with the Cardiologist followed by getting hooked up to the EKG machine and performing various walk / run tasks on the treadmill. Once completed, my results were reviewed and I was cleared for exercise.

I have been assigned by my choice to group A-1, this group will exercise each day at 730AM. My exercise file was prepared and I was instructed to go to the main gym for a tutorial and comprehensive overview of the program. I met with a trainer in the gym, he provided me some insight to the room and its equipment along with the proper protocol for attendance.  As my blood pressure medicine has been removed, I am to start each day in the gym with having my blood pressure monitored before, during and after exercise. My file which contains my EKG, Doctor summation and exercise sheets will be kept in the file cabinet at the check in desk for easy daily access and notation of the days events.

The time has come for my first lunch which is also served in the same room as breakfast. The tables are set up in both private or community configuration with settings for two to eight. As I am rather shy, I keep to myself and head to the massive salad bar which contains the world of garden assortments. Fruits are abundant and a selection of four different hot meals I didn’t see much protein, I would have liked to add some tuna to my salad but made do with what was being served.

As I sit alone eating my lunch, I start to realize that I still don’t have a clue about what to eat or how much to take. I am assuming that once things start progressing I will be taught the do’s and dont’s of my new life. How can I just eat salad, it appears to look great, it must be healthy but I am just not sure how it will fill me up and I will be hungry all afternoon.

After lunch, I decided to visit the pool once more since the prescribed program doesn’t start until tomorrow. On my way over to the pool,  I realized that I was feeling full, how could that be, I have not eaten nearly what I usually eat and I should be starving. With that thought in my mind, I decide to bypass the pool and make my way to the lap pool to swim laps. Feeling pretty good, its only just started but I am feeling different, my thoughts are more positive, I feel like I am achieving something but can’t really figure it out.

Dinner is served at 6PM, more formal than breakfast or lunch with tables set and evening ambience in place. It is difficult for me to get comfortable as the room is filled with couples who are dining, community tables are filled with guests who know each other and I am all alone. I take a table for two by myself and the waiter appears almost instantly. He provides me a menu, which contains this evening selections. Soups, salads and main courses along with a selection of deserts. I choose one of each and await my dinners arrival while awkwardly trying to keep myself occupied.

The vegetable soup arrives quickly, to my surprise it has no taste whatsoever but it is filling. I am thinking to myself, while it’s not the best, it satisfies me. My salad followed and it was fresh, it however was not covered with dressing like I am used to having. My main course was served, I selected the scallops with a sweet potato and broccoli. I quickly started to consume my plate, realizing that I was not going to have any other food until tomorrow, when half way through I had this feeling of fullness.  In fact, I passed on the optional desert I had previously selected which was the chocolate pudding.

As I make my way back to the room, my thoughts are that today was a great day, I feel good about myself. What I notice the most is that I feel satisfied, I am not hungry, I don’t feel tiered, I don’t have that feeling that I am stuffed and in many ways I am ready to run a marathon.

So looking forward to tomorrow, this is a good thing!