Diet Day 2 – 346 Pounds

Great sleep, good morning Miami.

I am suffering from sciatic pain in my right hip which is still very present after a recent summer fall. It is making things very difficult, I am coping with the pain and its constant reminder of how difficult it is to walk or sit comfortably. It is a definite concern as I feel that it will hamper my ability to exercise but I keep pushing forward.

Today is my first day, I am going to spend the morning gathering the things that I will need for my start-up here over the next few weeks. This evening I have to attend the Program Orientation which starts at 7PM. I am feeling really uneasy and very nervous about being here, not to mention I have no idea where to go first. I am fully aware of the task at hand, never the less I just feel all alone and don’t know what to expect.

I found my way to a Starbucks as I bypassed the morning Pritikin breakfast hour with the thought that I would prefer to start the journey in full swing after the Orientation rather than partially as I must attend medical tomorrow morning before starting the program. I should not have stopped, my mind keeps telling me that it is wrong, but I always find an excuse and proceed with the unhealthy choice. I ordered a double toasted bagel with cream cheese and a very sweet coffee. Now that I have started my day off with the same old attitude, I find myself even further lost as I make my way to Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sports Authority, Office Depot and Publix. After a few hours of driving around,  I have made it back with all my supplies. It was indeed very stressful, finding my way around Miami, but I was able to accomplish the task at hand.

I had packed in my luggage most of what I thought I would need for clothing, which included seven large duffel bags. Most of my clothes are sized 4XL but I also brought sizes 3XL and 2XL in anticipation of my weight loss. I spent the balance of the morning unpacking, while at the same time thinking about the day when I will be giving all these over sized clothes away and buying all new clothes. All new clothing from any store, including Nike, Lululemon and well, any store. That alone brings a huge smile to me!

As my day was free of any obligations until after the Orientation, I decided to keep moving and walk around the Doral property. Pritikin’s is within the Doral Hotel in its own building referred to as the Spa Building. Trump International Doral Hotel has purchased the property and will be renovating the entire resort in the next few months. The resort is massive, it includes numerous buildings, pathways, pools, golf courses along with the famous Blue Monster Golf Course. As I continued my tour, I came across the Clubhouse and found myself taking a seat and enjoying the sunny weather. I am now making another poor choice and ordering a pastrami on marble rye with extra crispy french fries, my reasoning none other than “my second last meal” which is another unhealthy choice.

This evening I attended the Program Orientation, it provided me the essentials of what I should expect and included a tour of the facility. In all, maybe 20 newbies attended, I kept pretty much to myself, I am shy and prefer to be recluse. Tomorrow morning, I am required to attend the medical offices for blood work, Doctor assessment, and physical fitness stress test before commencing with the program.

As I return to my room for the evening, I am worried about my family, thoughts of how they will cope while I am away for six months, thoughts of how I will cope being alone for six months. I don’t think my children realize just how long I am going to be away, nor do I realize what am I going to miss in their lives during the next six months. As I try to relax and understand my new surroundings, I find myself overly anxious to get started.

I am looking forward to my new body and improved health along with self-esteem.

Tomorrow will be a Healthy Day!