Diet Day 1 – 346 Pounds

I prepare myself for the departure, final plans are in place, final goodbyes to my children and my loving wife. I am leaving the comforts of our home and departing to Miami, Florida where I will spend the next six months losing 100 pounds at the Pritikin Longevity Centre.

I board the aircraft, wedge myself into a seat and prepare for take off. My mind is racing with thoughts, what is it going to be like leaving my family, what is it going to be like leaving all my daily comforts, what is it going to be like leaving everything behind? At the same time, I am very excited. All those years of being overweight, being uncomfortable, sweating from doing nothing, soon all to be a thing of the past. The pushback from the gate starts, the excitement grows, the nervousness increases, suddenly it all stops. The pushback is interrupted, we are returning back to the gate, a problem in the cockpit. My mind continues to race, how can this be happening, a set back before starting. My mind triggers more negative thoughts, my excitement resists the images of failure, I will succeed, and I will make it happen.

As we take flight after a brief delay, I prepare myself emotionally for arrival in Miami, Florida. I have a layover in Dallas, 2-hours. The first thing that comes to mind is where and what will I eat in Dallas. I fully understand that my journey has started, however I have still not arrived and with that being said, I am convinced that I can and should have that one last meal of choice. I know this is wrong, why am I thinking about food, I can’t get it off my mind.

I deplane, walk through the concourse to the connecting gate, my mind was set and I am strong. I have the will power, I have what it takes, I will have a healthy meal but that evil monster in my head still wants a Cheeseburger. I was confidant I would have a healthy meal. My lack of discipline prevails; I am in line at McDonalds. Negative thoughts racing through my mind, I know it’s wrong but I am having a Cheeseburger.

Miami is hot and humid, I am sweating and I am uncomfortable and am exhausted. I am here on a journey; a journey that will change my entire life and it all starts now.

Tomorrow is going to be a healthy day!